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I have so many people to thank, starting with all of the girls who stopped and let me photograph their legs. Then there’s Matt Willey (@mrwilley) for designing this beautiful book, Kathy Ryan (@kathyryan1) for her generous introduction, and also @kehrerverlag (publisher), @harveyxdickson (copy editor), @bigalsphoto (image processing) and @instagram. The book is available now in Europe and in September in the US. You may order/pre-order on ($19.00/EUR 23,45/#15.00). I’ll have some copies to sell shortly and will provide details later if anyone is interested. Finally, thank you to all of you who have followed this feed.

Citi Legs Fashion 

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Watch free full movies – Do think this is real?

It Watch free full movies. These are the four Holy Grail words that you should use in order to jumpstart a fantastic movie night from the comfort of your own home and you can do that very easily on yesmovies. While it may sound a bit weird- a lot of people may question the necessity of mentioning all of these seemingly random (but categorically related) words together is inevitable to finding full-length feature films online. Watching movies online is not difficult in itself. There are lots of websites, which are offering so many good options, which you can enjoy and have a good time with. read more…

Benefits of bubblers – there are plenty of them

Bubblers seem to be gaining momentum in the market. With every passing day, we can see more and more people experimenting with them. We think the most important reason something like this is happening is due to the various virtues of a bubblers. In this article, we have tried to expand on what is keeping bubblers in trend nowadays. You have an option to buy online. You should look for products which give you value for money. Once you select on the brand then things will be much easier. A quality brand will give you good results. read more…

Different techniques of 3D printers

3D printing is a technique to mount everything from shoes to jewelry to firearms and aircraft parts using a PC-controlled printer. The basic thread of 3D printing is that it is an additional process for producing fabrics that differs from subtractive processing, turning, machining and sawing. Below are going to look at some of the techniques you can get when your buy best 3d printer under 500. read more…

Fortnite Gaming: Thrill and Fun at the Same Platform

Fortnite gaming is online video games developed in 2017 and has been a success since then. It was released in two different game modes which run on the same game engine and general gameplay. The two game modes are : Fortnite: Save the world and Fortnite: Battle Royale. The former can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, macOS and PlayStation4 while the later can be accessed only on Nintendo Switch, iOS devices and Android support. read more…

Bathroom shower stool: A simple yet great innovation

For most of us, it so happens, that we miss out on the minor details of our life. We bail out the necessary contemplations and walk past the little requisites. It is a dangerous habit to indulge in such practices when it comes to your health. The bathroom shower stool is just another little innovation. It has turned out to be a boon for the elderly, the injured and diseased. It provides you with the right support you need during your bath throughout your stress period accompanied by an injury. It helps the elderly engage in a healthy and comfortable bathing practice that goes on with practical ease. It is pragmatic invention that is cost efficient and can save you from a lot of health related troubles. read more…

Things To Consider Before You Look For Cambodia Property For Sale Beach

Cambodia, heaven for travelers

Also referred to as the Kingdom of Cambodia, this is one of the most beautiful places that you can ever think of going to. Close to Thailand, is comes as no surprise that Cambodia has innumerable beaches and other sits to see. It’s magnificent structures and rich heritage have always been the key elements that have lured travelers from almost all parts of the globe. The serene beaches are tranquil and do their best to wash away all your stress and leave behind just a body that is full of hopes and new aspirations.

If you are someone who is looking for Cambodia property for sale beach, then keep reading ahead to first find the considerations that you must make before buying your beach property.

  1. Location: This refers to the place and area where your beach home is. It is very important to examine this aspect closely. It includes factors such as talking to neighbors and getting to know them better as well as finding other details about the area. In case you have never lived it, it would also be great if you actually rent a home here for some days and see how things work out for you. That can like a trial run before you actually buy your Cambodia property for sale beach. Also, elements such as the presence of any restaurants nearby or means of entertainment can be checked. Last but not the least, do not forget how important transport is. This means that you must be sure of the connectivity and the means of public transport that can be availed of. Emergency services such as a local police station and a hospital are in the list of priorities to be present in the vicinity.
  2. Neighbors: You may not be used to considering this element, but actually neighbors are very important before you opt to buy any property. This is because they are the ones that you will be in immediate contact with every day. You will have to face them, meet them, interact with them and actually live. They are first go to people in case of any emergency. Thus, they must be helpful and you need to be on cordial terms with them. Ig you fail to establish a warm relation with your neighbors, you may have issues later. Also, the lifestyle of your neighbors matters a lot. If they have any criminal records or resort to any crimes such as child labor, domestic violence or substance abuse, they are definitely not fit to be with.
  3. Experts: It is obvious that whenever you will buy a property, you will do a thorough inspection from your end. However, is that enough? Definitely not! This is because though you may have an eye for detail, you are bound to miss out on certain points. This is just natural because that is not your field of work or expertise. Thus, it is recommended that you get highly trained and efficient professionals who are excelling in their domain of tasks. They will be able to help you better and guide you about the exact value of the Cambodia property for sale beach, the condition in which you are buying it, the expenditure that you might need to make to set it up and also how long the property will survive. They can also give you suggestions that may be very helpful to you. Thus, this must be treated as an investment and only the best professionals must be hired for this job at hand.
  4. Your readiness: This means that you should only buy what you can afford. If you are someone who has the idea of taking a loan on their mind, then you must stop right now and reconsider. Honestly, loans must be avoided as far as possible. This is because with each passing month, your rate of interest is getting applied and the amount that you need to repay to the lender or the bank, only keeps increasing. This means that you are at a total loss. Do not take loans until and unless you are completely sure of the time period and the amount that you will be able to return to the bank without fail. Other than this, you must also consider if this is a necessity right now. Do not go splurging on a beach house when you have other necessary avenues that you need to spend at the moment in. make all your choices wisely because only informed decisions are the healthiest ones at all given points of time.
  5. Beach front vs off beach: This means that you need to see the distance between the property and the beach. By the beach, I am referring to the water. This is because the closer is it to the beach, the costlier it is going to be. Since not everyone can afford very expensive beach bungalows, this is an important consideration. Also, this distance is vital in determining your final decision because if it is closer to the sea, it also means that it is likely to be more affected by storms and suffer damages. Also, the water may try to corrode the walls and the maintenance may prove to be expensive in the long run. However, such issues are absent when it comes to homes that are away from the sea but still close.
  6. Space: This means that after all the above considerations, you need to consider the space too. This refers to the number of rooms that are available, the interior, the overall look of the house and how it feels to be there. This is a huge investment and no joke. In fact, if used well, this property can also help you to earn well for yourself in the future. Thus, it must be one that is lucrative. The use of the space however eventually depends on you. By this, I mean if you wish to use the Cambodia property for sale beach as a holiday home or your new office branch, it totally rests on your free will.

Now that you know the considerations to make, you are ready to buy the best one.

Radar Detection Guides: All that you need to know

How many times has it been that you were just cruising along on the highway and were pulled over by a patrolman for going above the speed limit? It does not matter if it was a little or a vast margin, if you are over, then that’s it! It can be a safe assumption that it has happened too many times. And it’s not your fault! You were simply enjoying the drive! All that it comes down to is the very basic concept of escaping those speed radars that policemen use to flag you down. But what if we were to tell you that there is a way to escape the clutches of it? Yes, with the use of a radar detector you can know when you are about to enter the vicinity of a highway patrolman. And do not worry if you do not know about it, we have the perfect radar detection guides available for you.

The machine and what it actually does:

Technology is the only weapon of choice against technology. You cannot fight it any other way. And so, if you are to escape the clutches of a radar, then you are going to have to use some tech of your own. And this is what a radar detector does for you. As you begin to enter the range of a radar, it will start to emit a beeping sound to warn you about the marked territory. And this technology has been now brought over to your vehicle. You can buy a detector and carry it along with you as you go around. Read on through the rest of radar detector guides to know more about what you ought to look for in a product.

  • The range of the product: The reason why this feature debuts at the number one position is because of its outstanding range, you should be more than 12 times more capable of picking up a radar detector with the one that you choose than you are with the others. It should offer a leading performance in the K and Ka bandwidth. Another added benefit of the machine should be the fact that the detector is untraceable. Even if the police flag you down, they will never be able to know that you have a radar detector installed. You can even choose to put it in silence mode once you are inside the city and are under the speed limit. If you still have any doubts about this feature of the product then all that you need to do is get a look at the reviews that people put up, range is something that everyone has been asking for.
  • Preloaded locations: The best thing about this feature is the fact that all the radars under this banner have been preloaded with red light sensitivity and various speed traps. This has been done so that when you are driving around in the city your device is not always on the alert. Your radar is paused and kept on standby. It is very popular amongst the masses and has been a crowd favorite. It is top of the line and was, for the time, on the top of the market. It also comes with a web based support system, so that you may be able to get all the updates as it takes place.
  • 360 coverage: Another important factor is that the detector should be able to cover you from all sides. If that does not happen then you will be left vulnerable to getting caught by the police on a highway. Never get caught off guard again, this feature has been included of late and makes for a worthy inclusion. It should have been done beforehand but due to the limitations of technology, it took so long to invent it. So regardless of where the cops are coming from, you will be notified immediately as you begin to inch closer on a radar’s range.
  • No false alarms: Many a times there are false alarms too. These are triggered because of the fact that there are traffic signals too that emit the same frequencies that a radar does. So when you set out to buy one for your car make sure that the one you are buying has got this feature. Otherwise you have to constantly be on the lookout for shutting up the alarm. On the other hand, you might get confused and turn it off thinking it is a false one when you are actually being tracked.
  • Wide range: For those who like to drive on the faster side of the line, this one is a must. In this radar detector guide, we would like to point out the fact that it is not always on the same bandwidth that police scanners work. The complete spectrum comprises of X, K and the super wide Ka bandwidth. Also, make sure that the display is super clear and is possible the machine should also have a sound alert system. This will come in handy when you are not looking at the panel and start to come within the range of the scanner.

So there you, all that you need to know before buying a radar detector. A radar detector guide has been made available for the ease of the reader so that he or she might be able to know the things that they need to be aware of before buying. Speeding in your vehicle is nothing wrong as long as you do it within a reasonable precautions. And when you are out, having a nice time in your wheels then a disruption into the trip can ruin your mood.

Staying ahead with technology:

So take the help of technology if you want to stay ahead in your endeavors. Do not let the radar catch up with you. It is something that you need to know before you buy an expensive set of wheels and decide to check the speed limits on your vehicle.

Luxury cars can be the best gift for you

Have you always longed to be seated inside a luxury car and to be the master of it? Have you ever wished if you could get a luxury car for yourself at least for one day and could roam around the world in it? If yes, then you are one of those who want to experience the luxury cars and dream of a beautiful life in it. But most often, the cost of having a luxury car kills most of our dreams. What if we could get a luxury car without even spending money to buy it? What if we could hire luxury car on temporary basis? The idea sounds good, right?

Why luxury cars are sought after?

The world go goes gaga over the luxury cars available in the market, because the cars are a symbol of power, opulence and style for people. Having such a car shows that you can afford big things in life and it automatically places you in the elite section of world. You get to gain attention of people and themoment you dive into a parking lane, all eyes are set on you automatically. The kind of aura that you will give out with a luxury car behind you is simply majestic.

The same can also help if you are going for a business meeting. Just imagine you are going to meet an investor or are going for a super party at the beach side where you know the place will be thronged by people from the richest sections of the society, having a luxury car becomes quite crucial. This can help you establish a rapport with the rich people right away as they may see you with seriousness and be respectful while you talk to them. The luxury cars,therefore, make up for the kind of image that you may want to establish.

Why hiring of luxury cars becomes important?

Anything worth having does not come for free. The luxury cars are some of the most expensive things in the world. You will have to spend money in hundreds of millions to get the best luxury car for your image. The high cost of the luxury car implies two things primarily. Either you should be earning very high to afford buying one or get the car on a temporary basis for a day or two. The latter option definitely sounds better and it also places your purchasing power in a position where you can afford the opulence for a day or two.

Getting a loan or car finance for luxury vehicles is quite difficult if you don’t have sufficient income and cannot prove your capacity for repayment. Therefore, you must seriously consider hiring a luxury car because luxury cars can get you the kind of appeal that you have always waited for. And if you have already decided to hire one such car, then it is time for you to learn the uses of a hired car and the factors to look for in a firm giving cars for hire.

Applications of luxury cars

Having a luxury car can be of a huge benefit for you.

  • If you are going to a wedding and are the best friend of the groom, then it makes absolute sense to take the groom to the wedding venue in a luxury car.
  • Going for a date requires pampering your girl in the best way possible. What can be better than a luxury car for the same?
  • If you want to get a nice prize for your child for having accomplished something in school or sports or in college, then you can hire a luxury car and take him/her for a beautiful ride.
  • The luxury cars can be a great way to impress the investors if you are planning to get some kind of funding for your new business. This can be the make or break factor for your new startup.
  • Give the best surprise to your parents on this Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Get a luxury car and take them on a long drive on their special day. Pamper them the way you have never done before. The blessings you are going to get will certainly make you the happiest person in life.

The best cars to get

By now, we are sure that you are already desperate to get luxury cars. But which are the best cars to get the highest recognition.

  • Ferrari
  • Porsche
  • Lamborghini
  • Aston Martin
  • Land Rover
  • Jaguar
  • BMW
  • Maserati

These luxury cars are the ones that will certainly make you stand out in the crowd. For sure, you will be the point of envy for everyone in the neighborhood and give a magnificent driving experience to your friends as well. There are lot more cars in the market if you want to give a try to the other brands too.

Schemes for the hired cars

You can get the luxury carsunder a number of schemes. You can get the cars for 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and even for 24 hours. You can get the luxury cars for even going to the airport. Just book the cars online and get them from the stores. You will be free to take the cars outside once the booking confirmation is done. The prices are quite affordable and there is very short duration between the online booking and the borrowing of car.


It is a boon to get a luxury car to drive in. People will notice you and you will be sought-after by people for sure. Your network will grow meteorically and your net worth will certainly see a boost. The luxury cars can work wonders for you if you leverage them well. Get the best car of your preference and roll on the streets like no one else. Your name will be popular across your circles and you will know what it means to drive behind the most elite wheels of the world. Go for hiring a luxury car and get the taste of it!

A Luxurious Way Of Smoking With The Glass Bubblers

Many people around the world have their own ways of being momentarily happy and have different definitions or ways of having fun with their friends. Among the many people are quite a number of people who love smoking and having the best time of their lives. The plant that they almost always use for smoking is the cannabis. This particular plant can be found almost everywhere and there are many people who sell this cannabis as a business or a part time job. There are different ways through which a person can smoke depending upon the person’s choice. Not only cannabis but many different types of plants are used by the people when it comes to smoking. Many of the people lately have been making use of the glass bubblers when it comes to smoking the cannabis or any other plant.

A way to smoke

There are many people in the world who love smoking. Its gives them a different kind of experience and also makes a person feel happy at that moment. Cannabis is one of the most popular element that is used when it comes to smoking as it is very affordable and it is easy to get. There are different inhalation methods through which a person can smoke up such as hand pipes, water pipes, rolling’s papers, hookahs, homemade one time devices and vaporization methods. Apart from the inhalation methods there are oral methods such as tinctures, ingestible oils, and using cannabis in edible items etc. They can also be used as topical lotions which are applied on the bodies. One of the most popular methods these days is the glass bubblers. It is one way through which a person can smoke and have a very high quality experience while doing it with these glass bubblers.

What are these glass bubblers?

One may wonder what t these bubblers are. They are multi-use glass pipes that are quite similar to the bongs as they both make use of water to have an easy and an amazing way to smoke. At the bottom of the bubbler there is an opening that can be used to fill water or it can be left dry based on a person’s choices. It is also very simple to use as a person just needs to grind the choice of cannabis that they like and light it up and enjoy the smoking experience.

Where to get them?

There are many sites through which a person can get these types of glass bubblers. But one of the best sites to get it from is called the Luxe, which has different types of products that a person can use such as the glass bubblers, oil rigs, dab rigs and herbal grinders etc. They are also a few products that they sell for free and the person buying it needs to pay for the shipping alone. A person can also buy these products in bulk at a whole sale rate.

The perks of using the bubblers

There are many advantages that a person has for using glass bubblers from Luxe such as:

  • Portable: These products are portable and can be carried around anywhere a person goes. They can use it in their homes or when they go outside to a different place. It is a perfect travel companion that a person can ask for as it can go anywhere.
  • Taste: The taste of the cannabis that a person gets when they use this product is pure, unadulterated and heavenly. Irrespective of the cannabis type that is used the taste the person gets from using this bubblers, is heavenly leaving a person craving for more and more.
  • Handy: The main advantage of this type of bubblers is that they do not have separate parts. They are just one product that can be carried around and the person does not need to worry about putting it together and removing it apart every time they take it when they go out.
  • Water percolation system: This glass bubblers can also be used for this type of system for a smoother effect. This is because they have an added water filter system that can be used for smoking depending upon the person’s preferences.
  • Appearance: This particular item is very elegant to look at and also gives of a very classy vive to the person that is making use of this product.
  • Quality: They are made out of only glass which gives the person the best feeling when they smoke cannabis.

They also come in different designs and colors that a person can choose from and buy. They are all priced at reasonable rates for the high quality products that are offered.


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