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I have so many people to thank, starting with all of the girls who stopped and let me photograph their legs. Then there’s Matt Willey (@mrwilley) for designing this beautiful book, Kathy Ryan (@kathyryan1) for her generous introduction, and also @kehrerverlag (publisher), @harveyxdickson (copy editor), @bigalsphoto (image processing) and @instagram. The book is available now in Europe and in September in the US. You may order/pre-order on ($19.00/EUR 23,45/#15.00). I’ll have some copies to sell shortly and will provide details later if anyone is interested. Finally, thank you to all of you who have followed this feed.

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What does a spa day include?

What does a spa day include?

Spa days are a great way to de-stress and relax. But are you spending enough time at the spa? If you aren’t, here’s what your average spa day includes. Spa days are the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. A Spa day can be a great way to get away from the stress of work, meet up with friends, or even just spend time with your family. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

What does a spa day include?

A spay day includes a variety of treatments and services. Of course, a spa can’t give you everything there is to offer in one day, but this list will provide you with options that are typical if not common among spas.

Warm water treatment

There aren’t many things as relaxing as being pampered by the friendly face of your bather or therapist. A bath brings refreshment and energy back into our bodies.

Aromatherapy massage therapists use delicate oils to work wonders for stress and tension, especially for people who experience anxiety often. Relaxing aromatherapy can help relieve tightness in the neck, shoulders, or back muscles. They also take advantage of strong smells that influence your body’s hormone production, like lavender oil, to ease muscle pain caused by aches and pains, as well as many types of allergies. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.


Facials can repair and rejuvenate the skin with gentle exfoliation, brightening it all together, as well as moisturizing your face for radiant softness and a healthy-looking shine. Facial treatments provide contact improvement in flakes dry patches of the sun-damaged epidermis due to years of ultraviolet exposure resulting in quick absorption into layers on the skin’s surface, causing dry skin, or may even cause discoloration.


Massage is a wonderfully therapeutic procedure that relieves stress and tension. It relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation supplying oxygen to all areas of the body, stimulates digestion and immune system regulation. Massages may involve medical techniques like pressure point therapy or reflexology massage in addition to relaxation techniques that include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone spa treatment, or table session.

Manicures & pedicures

A manicure and pedicure are relaxing ways to maintain comfort as they condition, cleanse and polish the fingernails cuttingicles on both hands. Upper hand pat dry after removing gel nail polish so as not to leave harmful residues on cuticles that could make hands rough. The nails should be cleaned very first with a clipper or sharp-edged tool, then once dried, carefully file a smooth, newly polished finish (use cotton, which will eliminate contaminants).

Then fingers are soaked in warm water with an exfoliating cuticle oil or gel and then dried, so hands are not soaking but damp. Any buffing polishes should be avoided as they will lift off seasonally worn mani-pedis that leave a haze in the nail polish color, which can be harmful to nails. Use of quick-drying topcoat products is optional after the manicure. Tape dry fingers very quickly before applying colored nail varnish.

Ear candling

Ear candling is a safe alternative therapy for ear cleansing and health. The treatment involves the insertion of either all-natural candles made from beeswax (1/2 oz.) or olive oil (half to one ounce) into the helix one, which burns slowly and gently, leaving them in the room temperature overnight under bed covers dressed lightly in sleepers. Regular patients experience relief within days.

Body treatments

Neuromuscular therapy is a form of physical therapy that includes deep body massage techniques to stimulate and realign nerves in the nervous system, including exercise, stretching, and relaxation. The aim is to relax your mind when you disrobe for treatment leaving behind any distractions or stressors thoughts (whether plans or postponed) past negatives gone by negative like anxieties about social situations that may arise in treatment sessions – making it a safe place emotionally where stray all your problems, it’s a wonderful place where you leave behind.

Life-changing benefits resulting from rejuvenated mind-body connections help allow the body to rid itself of unnecessary baggage and stagnant cell waste, which can cause congestion in the lymphatic system as well as lead to breakouts of skin eruptions etc., including acne, eczema Vulgaris (hay fever), psoriasis or any pustular eruption seen on line medical conditions like arthritis.


A spa day is more than just a massage. Spa treatments can include everything from massages to facials, waxing, and even laser hair removal. They are popular for their relaxing qualities, but also because they are often offered as part of an all-inclusive package. If you’re looking for a day that includes pampering and relaxation, consider booking a spa treatment at your local spa. You can find one near you with our help! Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.

The incredible world of Chinese fashion, the new trend

The incredible world of Chinese fashion, the new trend

For several decades, it is not strange to speak of China in everything that concerns world news. Its rapid economic growth made it position itself among the first world powers, technological development allowed it to be recognized as a pioneer in this industry and its cultural richness make it one of the most relevant tourist destinations in the world. However, there is another area in which China wants to become one of the beacons to follow: fashion.

While that concept still seems foreign to many people, China is making its way into the world of fashion. It is true that the eastern giant has been fundamental in the development of the concept of ” fast fashion ” (a contemporary concept that refers to clothing brands that take up design ideas almost immediately after they appear on the catwalk), but some clothing designers They want to take advantage of all that potential and transform it into the spearhead to be able to generate their own industry with haute couture designs and luxury brands.

Of course, the history of fashion in China is linked with its years of tradition and rich culture. Some clothing items are inexorably associated with it, such as the hanfu, the qipao, and the Changsha.


Hanfu is a Chinese fashion

Created in the 2nd century BC, this is a dress that has defined much of the history of the Asian country. Both women and men used this traditional costume, which resembles a silk robe. The design for both sexes had characteristic differences; the men’s dress had opaque colors, while the women’s had a wide tunic with elongated sleeves, a narrow skirt, and lighter colors. Its influence in the Asian world was such that it was the inspiration for the classic Japanese kimono. As the name implies, this was the traditional dress of the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and its importance was such that it extended beyond this reign. However, this type of clothing was prohibited in the times of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912), when new clothing standards were established.


As in imperial regimes, when the Qing came to power they established various reforms in order to distance themselves from previous dynasties. Among them, new dress standards were established for both men and women. In the case of the latter, the hanfu was replaced by another type of dress: the qipao (also known as cheongsam). It is a dress that began as two pieces and, with the passage of time, became one piece. The first iterations of this dress were loose, with the aim of not revealing the shapes of the woman’s body. Over time, it began to be used more closely to the body and became a unique piece. This clothing is the one that is most often associated with Chinese women in the 20th century, mainly because it was popularized by Nancy Kwan in the film World of Suzie Wong (1960). Today it is still used as a party dress, workwear, and even as a uniform in some private schools in China.


The counterpart of this type of dress was the Changsha, a dress similar to the qipao of the early days but intended to be worn by men. This was the formal dress, generally accompanied by jackets such as the Magua (which was cut at the waist and had short, wide sleeves). As the influence of the West began to enter China, the Magua was replaced by the traditional sacks of Europe, which became the norm as time passed. Although the Communist Revolution was putting aside this type of clothing, in recent years they had a resurgence, mainly used in events such as weddings or formal events of all kinds.

Colors are also very prevalent in Chinese clothing. The most used is red, which symbolizes fortune and good luck (it is usually the one most seen during traditional celebrations such as the Chinese New Year). Others, such as yellow and purple, used to be respectively exclusive to the emperor and his relatives until the end of the Qing dynasty. However, there are two colors that are not usually used regularly due to their connotations: black and white. The first is because it is the traditional color of mourning, while the second is usually associated with mistrust and wickedness.

Traditional Chinese fashion is not only something entirely cultural, but it has become the most recognized image of the inhabitants of this ancient country. Although the “Mao suit” was the standard image for men from the beginning of the revolution to our times, it is increasingly easy to find that western design is being part of the daily life of people in China. This is demonstrated by the new presence of designers from this country, who are integrating these cultural aspects into the making of pieces that are used all over the world. It is not strange to find that in the fashion weeks of New York, Paris and London there are more and more representatives of Chinese fashion such as Huishan Zhang, Xuzhi Chen, or Wanbing Huan. Although many of these exponents of the culture of clothing studied in Western universities and schools, it was the culture of their country of origin that gave them a framework in which they could develop their unique style.

But it is that mixture of two worlds that generates a positive impact on people. Mixing the “mystery” of oriental culture with already established foundations of western fashion ends up creating different pieces to which we are used. And, while they are still making their way into the world of haute couture, it would not be surprising that in the coming years we will be more used to hearing the names of these Chinese exponents of fashion.

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The 8 Most Memorable Catwalks in Fashion History

The 8 Most Memorable Catwalks in Fashion History

We present you with the best runway shows in the history of Fashion Weeks, from John Galliano‘s great operatic show for Dior in the spring-summer of 1998 to Kerby Jean’s celebration of the history of black music. Raymond’s for Pyer Moss for Spring-Summer 2020.

The show’s show has always been performative, from the Parisian couture salons that hosted seasonal collections in the early 1800s to the New York Fashion Week shows, which sprang up in downtown lofts and in industrial buildings abandoned during the 80s.

Dior Haute Couture spring-summer 1998

There was nowhere where Galliano could express his love for theatricality as much as he did at Dior. For his 1998 spring-summer show, Galliano took his attendees on an operational journey through sophistication, setting the parade staging at the historic Palais Garnier opera house in Paris. There was an orchestra, tango dancers, and dozens of extras dressed as characters from some of the best operas in the world and, of course, a Galliano at the height of his dramatic power.

Chalayan autumn-winter 2000

 Memorable Catwalks in Fashion History

Hussein Chalayan’s interest in the relationship between the human body and science has led him to perform some of the most inventive parades shows ever staged – usually at Sadler’s Wells dance hall – which could hardly be more. appropriate. In her fall-winter 2000 show, her model transformed chairs into dresses and a side table into a folding skirt made of hoops. It went beyond fashion, becoming a shady piece of physical theater in its own right.

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2004

Few shows are as memorable as was the collection Deliverance from Alexander McQueen in 2004. Based on ‘ They Shoot Horses, damn ‘, the classic film of Sydney Pollack, 1969, a story about young dancers growing up in poverty in the era of Depression, McQueen hired professional dancers to convey the idea of ​​dancing to her own death, culminating in Karen Elson in a tattered dress, being carried like a lifeless body across the stage. All choreographed by contemporary dance master Michael Clark. It gave signs of exhaustion within the fashion industry back then, something that has especially emotional significance today given McQueen’s suicide six years later.

Chanel spring-summer 2012

The concept of the fashion show as a spectacle found its way into some of the biggest brands in the world (and biggest budgets). None were as willing to boast of the wealth of their billionaire giant as the enormous and now deceased Karl Lagerfeld. His marked-themed fashion shows, usually held at the Parisian Grand Palais, transported attendees to Chanel-brand supermarkets, demonstrations, and airports. In addition, he was not someone who lost the opportunity when using the narrative power of music was about. His 2012 underwater fantasy ended with Florence Welchemerging, like a Venus, from a shell while wearing a pearl couture gown to sing her song ‘ What the Water Gave Me.

Rick Owens spring-summer 2014

For something a little more subversive, we have to look at Rick Owens: whether it be thundering with plumes of smoke to darken the catwalk, or literally tying models back to back with each other, the strange and wonderful concepts of the designer have become his card. visit. For his spring-summer 2014 show in Paris, he recruited a step team – a mix of military exercise and cheerleaders from Historically Black High Schools and Universities (HBCUs) – to perform. Here, Owens introduced historically ignored corners of the performing arts to a whole new audience, making an effort to shed outdated cultural stereotypes in the process.

Opening Ceremony spring-summer 2017

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have always welcomed the world of dance with open arms; Who could forget the iconic ad for the Kenzo fragrance directed by Spike Jonze in 2016? The following year they presented their spring-summer 2017 collection for Opening Ceremony with a dance show choreographed by Justin Peck that channeled a frenzied spirit similar to the one in the ad. Staged just four days after the inauguration of the Trump administration, the dancers’ furiously defiant movements felt most anarchic and charged with political significance.

Moschino Cruise 2019

The relationship between fashion and acting can also manifest itself in the form of pure Camp entertainment – and no one understands the unbridled playfulness and frivolity of Camp better than Jeremy Scott. To show the circus-themed beauty contest located in Los Angeles for the Cruise 2019 collection of the Italian house. Embracing her own ringleader role in all her bizarre vulgarity, the final installment with circus performers (alongside RuPaul’s Drag Race star and burlesque artist Violet Chachki ) ended with a spectacular aerobatics routine.

Dior spring-summer 2019

The decidedly feminist vision of Maria Grazia Chiuri has made women hold powerful artists from around the world, from the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie until jockeys Mexican rodeo. In the spring-summer 2019 collection, Chiuri turned her gaze to Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal, founder of the Batsheva Dance Company. The designer’s usual muses – Ruth Bell, Adesuwa, or Selena Forrest, among others – zigzagged across expansive petal-covered scenery as dancers swayed in tribute to legendary American ballerina, Martha Graham. It was a comfortingly feminine performance in the face of the often aggressive alpha male energy of runway shows.

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Asian fashion: How to adopt this peculiar style?

Asian fashion: How to adopt this peculiar style?

Asian fashion is constantly being renewed, and this year is no exception because more than ever it is still a trend that is characterized by being a creative and youthful style. This is because the modern oriental woman sets the standard by using fashion as a vehicle to show her identity and style.

When seeing Asian celebrities, you might think that this form of expression opts for sensuality, but unlike western fashion, oriental outfits seek to highlight femininity in a more reserved way.

The two faces of Asian fashion

There are two aspects that guide the dress style of modern Asian girls, on the one hand, there is the Korean woman who is distinguished by a stylish and elegant personality; while the Japanese are characterized by being creative and irreverent.

Korean style

Korean fashion is characterized by taking care of beauty and style with casual outfits, as well as comfortable ones that allow you to show your youthful side. They are not afraid of overlapping pieces and making original combinations.

Street style

Asian fashion How to adopt

The urban woman uses wide sweatshirts, thick pants, and denim or corduroy jackets, combining it with boots,  sneakers, or converse. They close the look with caps or hats and delicate accessories. Emphasis is placed on comfort and detached clothing with sporty undertones.

Pastel colors are replaced by strong tones such as red, black, and royal blue. It is common for the pieces to be combined with floral prints to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

Girly Style

This Asian fashion style suits distinguished and more conservative women. There is a predominance of skirts, as well as dresses of delicate fabrics in pastel colors, combined with floral or animal prints. It is very important to use accessories, such as hats and berets, that give the combination a unique air.

They usually wear high heels or sneakers, but they can also be combined with boots or chunky shoes to give a rocker touch to the style.

Makeup and hair

Skincare and hair are a priority, it is well known in Korean countless products and homemade masks that apply to shine shiny hair and porcelain skin.

The makeup is usually natural and fresh, they leave the skin white, enhance the lips and cheeks with pink tones. The hair is loose or in carefree braids, which add a delicate touch to any outfit.

Japanese style

In Japan, fashion has no rules, the women of this country give free rein to their imagination with the most bizarre combinations, from animal pajamas with sneakers to doll dresses with colored wigs.


The women who belong to this subculture mix urban style with the Baroque era, they wear short and flared dresses with overloaded details,  tights with high heels. The accessories are usually small headdresses, umbrellas, high patent leather shoes, and wigs.

Oshare Kei

This trend seeks to stay in childhood with electric colors, children’s accessories such as stuffed animals and bows. Women who are adept at this style love games or make creative combinations using wigs that refer to anime or manga series.


This fashion is similar to the  Girly style of Korean culture, feminine outfits are used, mostly short skirts that are combined with overlapping pieces. There are no color limitations here. The hair is dyed with colors and the makeup is well defined.

Makeup and hair

Just as the outfits, the way of makeup, and the hairstyles are also tied to the creativity and irreverence of the wearer. If the hair is natural, it is left loose or with braids, and dyes are usually used in the entire hair or the ends, but the most common is the use of colorful wigs, decorated with bows or crowns.

The characteristic makeup highlights the eyes with black pencil and they are highlighted with false eyelashes; to decorate, glitter with shapes are placed around the eyes. The lips take on reddish tones and are stylized with a characteristic gradient of Asian fashion.

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Influence of Latina women in fashion

Influence of Latina women in fashion

Penelope Cruz, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofía Vergara are just a few of the Latin celebrities who exude exotic flair, fashion sense, and sex appeal. These prominent women have successfully fused their Latin roots with their fashion identity, leaving fashion photographers clamoring to get the best shot at red carpet events. Although Latino cultures vary in tradition, religious beliefs, and dialects, Latina women continue to blend their natural femininity and sense of fashion with their cultural roots. Fashion connoisseurs, Hollywood stylists, and designers have come to realize this by including outfits influenced by the growing Latino culture.

America Culture and Fashion

Since Latina actresses are part of the norm in television, film, and advertising, their exotic traits have influenced a host of designers around the world. According to Project Runway Judge Nina Garcia, “Latina girls spend a lot of money on beauty and they spend a lot of money on fashion. It’s in our culture.” Designers have reinterpreted silhouettes with Latina’s body shapes in mind to appeal to this growing demographic.


Latina fashion festival

Since there are stereotypes, carnival ruffles, and brightly colored tropical prints appropriate for the festival setting they don’t translate into the everyday Latin woman’s wardrobe. According to Kimberly Randell, curator for the 2002 “Latin American Fashion: Exploring Identities on the New York Runway,” an exhibition at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “There is a myth that all America is in colors hot tropical, but don’t exist in everyday fashion. “Since most Latina women’s skin tones vary due to cultural differences, the pairing of soft feminine tones with pops of vivid color accentuates their exotic features. For instance, Basic background prints made of brown and cream instantly transform with splashes of orange or red.

Shape and silhouette

Since the body shapes of Latina’s are curvy in nature, designers have accentuated these characteristics in the drape, cut, and silhouette of the shape. These changes in style highlight the mask rather than natural curves, creating a crossover for women with full figures from different cultural backgrounds. Retailers have also become aware of styling store mannequins and displays with these trends as part of visual merchandising history. Since most Latin women want to feel flirty and sexy no matter what outfits they wear, leading designers have interpreted this sentiment in other areas, including shoes.

America-inspired garments

Get some Latin influences to instantly spice up your wardrobe. Replace your classic white dress shirt with a printed blouse and solid office collar. Look for prints that have pops of color like ombré patterns. Gemstone jeans, form-fitting dresses with lace edging, long skirts, and a cinched waist paired with deep-V front tops are just a few Latin details for your wardrobe. Borrowed the same color tips and pattern from accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewelry. Accentuate your best body features to create your own Latin flavor and flair.


In the 1920s, Latina women wore flesh-toned silk or rayon stockings and small-heeled shoes. Cloche hats are replaced with a similar headpiece, as short bob haircuts do not allow the use of pins.

Women of the 1920s carried over embroidered tapis handbags or decorative beaded handbags. A long string of pearls or eye-catching Chanel jewelry was the neck accessory of the day. Ostrich fans were popular evening wear accessories.

Accessories 1930

Beige tights and high-heeled peep-toes were popular in the 1930s. Latina Women wore non-sagging nylon stockings, as well as black or red fur stoles. Large, impractical pin-decorated hats were 1930s winter accessories. Hat styles were feminized with the addition of delicate bows, ribbons, and flowers.

Pearl necklaces, arranged so that they did not hang too low on the wearer, were very popular.

During World War II, raised-base platform shoes with wood or cork soles replaced scarce rubber and leather shoes. practical clutches replaced luxury handbags.

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Men’s summer outfit: tips and trends

Men’s summer outfit: tips and trends

For men, summer is always a time of great conquests and elegant or casual outfits. Beach, disco – or in the absence of this, due to restrictions – the promenade of the clubs, every occasion is good to always be the best. The style is not lacking for gentlemen, who love to dress well and who are informed, in time, on the trends of the “beautiful” season. The conquering man, however, is also tired, after months and months of nerve-wracking smart working and certainly wants to appear .. but with comfort and without sacrifices. So elegance and, at the same time, a touch of comfort that never hurts, especially when the great summer heat is raging. read more…

How to wear a black suit?

How to wear a black suit?

To choose the color of the suit you are going to use, you must take into account certain details, but normally with a black suit, you will be right. Let’s discover how to wear a black suit?

The time, the formality of the event, the place, and the climate are factors to take into account when choosing the color of your suit, but having the answers to all this, you will know immediately which color and which fabric are the right ones.

How to wear a black suit?

Black suits are suitable for funerals, weddings, offices, business meetings, and other formal occasions. But black suits are not suitable for everyday wear and some situations. It looks beautiful when you wear it with suitable combinations. Some of the tips for wearing a black suit are as follows:

The background color suits are available in different materials or fabrics. Choose the material based on your taste and the climatic condition of the place where you live. Black-striped suits are best for short and/or stocky men, while other black suit options are best for tall, thin men. Short and/or stocky men can also look for other options in black suits.

It seems to be the best for any formal or professional occasion. Your black suit should essentially fit your body. Tailor your suit to fit you perfectly. Only if your black suit fits you perfectly will you look stylish.

Shirts in light blue or steel gray tones may be suitable for black striped business suits. You can wear shirts in a wide variety of colors for a solid black suit. Try to wear a formal collared shirt with a matching tie. You can even attach cufflinks if your shirt supports cufflinks.

How to get a black suit right

That said, wearing a black suit is almost always synonymous with success, and it is a classic of suits, either because of its innate elegance or because of the authority it transmits. But this type of suit is a very formal garment so you should always wear it at events of this type and never daily.

If you want to know when it is correct to wear a black suit, do not miss what I am going to tell you:

1- Funeral

Whether it is daytime or in the afternoon, you should always pay your respects to the deceased and his family, so a black suit becomes the ideal garment. You can combine it with a shirt that is light with which you feel comfortable and a black tie.

2- Event where a formal protocol is required

When I refer to an event with protocol, I mean that it has a lot of importance, a meeting, a party in which you must show respect and authority, so, ideally, you wear a suit black with a white shirt.

3- Formal evening event

It can be a birthday, a wedding or any celebration that starts at 6:00 p.m. In this case, you will need a black suit, although depending on the type of event, if the formality increases, you will have to bet on a tailcoat or a tuxedo.

If you choose to wear a tailcoat, then you can choose different combinations such as wearing a white bow tie, a white shirt, and a vest and handkerchief of the same color. The footwear will be dark in color, like the gloves, and will be made of patent leather or leather. It is very important that with this look you wear cufflinks and never button your jacket. If the protocol is very fussy, accessories should be a top hat and even a cane.

You can opt for a black-tie, which consists of wearing a tuxedo, with a single-button jacket, white shirt, bow tie, and black shoes. The use of a black-tie is allowed, and accessories that should not be missing are cufflinks and oxford shoes.

4- If you need to show authority

It is clear if you have to go to an event in which you need to be seen with authority, black is your ally. Combine your suit with a shirt in a pale shade and you will achieve the perfect combination. But if you want your degree of authority to be extreme, then pair your black suit with a white shirt and red tie, then you are sure to succeed.

In case you have doubts about wearing or not wearing a tie, you should wear it. If no one is wearing it and you feel uncomfortable, you can always take it off and put it away. But not wearing it and everyone wearing that is not going to be solved.

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10 amazing fashion tips for short girls

10 amazing fashion tips for short girls

If you are in a large group of short women, you will have already had one or another little problem when dressing. Since there are clothes, which on the mannequin look fantastic, but on small women of stature, they lose their charm. Therefore, before buying something, it is important to take into account some factors such as the shape, size, and color of the garment you want to choose.

Cool Girl has made this note especially dedicated to those women under 1.60 m tall. So that, when choosing the next outfit, do not have losses.

So you will no longer have to suffer; take a look at these fashion tips and apply them. But first, remember that the most valuable thing to look great is your attitude.

Dress in monochrome colors

Wearing a single color from head to toe will make you look less short. All colors work, but preferably choose more neutral colors such as black or blue.

On the contrary, if you decide to dress in many colors, this will create an appearance of small blocks, one on top of the other.

Dare with the mini skirts

Don’t be afraid to use them. The small skirts will stylize your legs, which will generate that you gain visual height.

There are many styles and colors, you can choose any of them. The main thing is that you look comfortable and beautiful.

Wear heels and dazzle

It is obvious that heels help the short ones not look so short. From small studs to the most pronounced, these will always save you. If you are not used to having them on, the solution is to get yourself some platform shoes. Now, these are everywhere.

Wear pants at the waist

Thank you that these pants are back in fashion. This garment will make your legs look much longer.

Not only the pants but also the shorts and skirts at that height give you a good bearing.

Now that you know this, forget about the hip pants.

Beware of loose clothing

The intention is that you look slimmer; loose clothing does the opposite. So avoid them; Above all, avoid pants of this style at all costs.

If you have no other option than to use this garment model, do it only in one. That is, if you wear loose pants, the polo shirt should be closer to your body.

Choose to wear thin belts

If you want to add a strap or belt to your outfit, it is best to choose a very thin one. Wearing a wide strap can create the illusion that your body is getting smaller. And obviously, we don’t want that.

Use vertical lines

Long vertical lines can create an effect that will make you look taller. Dresses with lines are perfect.

This summer you can find these dresses in all markets and department stores. So buy yourself one right now.

Dare with the cleavage

It doesn’t need to be too pronounced, a simple V-shaped or U-shaped opening will help make your torso look long.

If you are a bit shy and are not used to these necklines, a chain helps make it look more subtle.

Use small wallets

Perhaps in the larger wallets, they reach much more things, but these types of bags do not help at all when your intention is not to see your little

What you have to do is opt for smaller and more delicate models.

Take a spin in the kid’s section

That’s right, you don’t lose anything by going through the girl’s section. There are very modern clothes that can be excellent.

Choose clothes that adults could also wear. And why not, buying a polo shirt with a cartoon will be fun.

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7 tips to wear skinny jeans beautifully if you are curvy

7 tips to wear skinny jeans beautifully if you are curvy

The skinny jeans are extremely acetylation who wear pants almost like a second skin. The fabric is tight and goes down to the ankle.

It has happened more than once that skinny jeans become dangerous for the wearer: if worn for too many hours in a squatting position they block circulation in the calves, creating muscle damage, swelling, or nerve blocks.

The important thing, in this case, is to always choose the right size jeans that are not exaggeratedly tight. The same goes for curvy women. Why should they refuse to wear skinny jeans? Just find the right size and follow these little tricks!

  1. The size

The first point may seem obvious but it is as true for curvy women as it is for thinner girls: the right size is essential.

Unfortunately, we know that for curvy women finding the right size can be very difficult, we know that the shops are not yet curvy friendly, so prefer e-commerce! In addition to having a lot more choice when it comes to models, it is much easier for you to find sizes above 46.

We also know that if a woman is overweight she tends to want to hide her body and therefore buy looser clothes. Remember that buying clothes that are too tight or too loose can only penalize your figure. Highlight your curves and buy a pair of skinny jeans that flatter them.

  1. Room for the high waist

Luckily for all the hipsters have gone out of style and we hope they never come back. The high waist is better because it makes us look more slender and hides any flaws at the level of the hips.

On curvy girls, the high waist contributes, even more, to give the body that beautiful hourglass shape so loved by everyone.

  1. The right colors

Let’s assume that taste is personal and no one is obliged to follow any fashion advice. However, we know that black and dark colors, in general, tend to streamline and harmonize the figure.

Skinny jeans in gray or dark blue will look great on both you and the rest of your wardrobe. In fact, a pair of dark jeans look great with any color.

  1. Don’t be afraid to overlap

Overweight girls often tend not to wear overlapping garments for fear of penalizing their figure.

Over skinny jeans, however, blouses with wool sweaters, blazers, jackets, or anything that falls short combined with a long shirt or blouse will create a beautifully balanced effect on your body.

Also add accessories such as long and flashy necklaces, earrings, flashy bracelets.

  1. Choose the right shoe

Wedges, boots, or amphibians create a look that is too gorgeous and consequently weighs down the whole look. Prefer shoes in neutral and nude colors that will also slim the figure and make you look taller.

In general, avoid shoes that are too showy and “bulky”, prefer shoes with narrow heels and not too flashy patterns.

  1. Pay attention to the choice of tops

As important as the choice of jeans is the choice of the top to match. If the jeans are skinny, the upper part of the outfit must be softer.

Those who love to be comfortable opt for a sweatshirt: especially in the last period they are becoming one of the chicest and loved garments by everyone, also thanks to the designers who have begun to propose them again.

A blouse is another good choice. A peplum top on the other hand is ideal as it further streamlines the figure by highlighting the waistline.

Give a chance to V-neck t-shirts and shirts that will help harmonize the figure. Another trick to make curvy women stand out is to wear a tight, long tank top with a shorter top on top.

  1. Wear what you love

Wear your favorite jeans, always choose what you love and not what forces you or doesn’t make you feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable wearing a certain type of outfit, everyone will notice it right away!

So always be natural and wear only what you really want to wear. Do you prefer colored skinny jeans instead of dark ones? Then choose some colored skinny jeans and wear them showing everyone how confident you are!

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Slow fashion: Join the slow fashion movement

Slow fashion: Join the slow fashion movement

Changing habits is not easy, but slow fashion or the slow fashion movement is very beneficial for the future of our grandchildren and for the planet in general. This trend consists of consuming fashion in another way, enjoying the garments more and being more responsible, together we can avoid consuming 3,000 liters of water to produce jeans or a T-shirt, this industry is one of the most polluting.

We also have to be aware of the problems behind this industry, such as labor exploitation to make some garments. In today’s post, we are going to leave behind taboos about second-hand clothing such as dirt or loss of style.

Principles of slow fashion

The principles of Slow Fashion mean opposing fashion produced in industrial quantities and opting for artisan products from the local trade. You have to buy thinking in the long term, that is, if some boots cost 20 euros in sales at any shopping center and last two seasons, but instead some handmade ones cost four times more and we can take advantage of them for 20 years, the latter is more profitable. Reduce the consumption of clothes, do not buy compulsively, choose the highest quality garments that last much longer. When buying in local shops we will avoid unnecessary packaging and we will be able to carry our own cloth bag.

Another principle is to encourage the recycling of garments by buying second-hand clothes and donating the garments that we no longer use. Looking at the label we will know if the materials are sustainable, we can look at some aspects, for example, the GOTS label is the standard that guarantees ecological textile certification; Fair Share protects working conditions in the garment production process.

Join the fashion of incorporating personalized, classic, and timeless garments into our wardrobes, creating our own garments, extending their years of life with repairs that give them more life. We have to be aware of what we have in our wardrobe, repeat quality garments giving them a different style, there are a thousand ways to combine a jacket and surely you have hardly worn that skirt that you bought last year.

The experts in this trend also recommend that we investigate the origin of the clothes that we acquire to be aware of where the clothes that we are going to wear come from. Ethical fashion defends human rights and talks about giving fair treatment to people who work in the industry.

Slow fashion vs fast fashion

Now we are going to compare the differences between slow fashion and fast fashion, the first one, slow fashion will make us enjoy our clothes more and create our own style, we express ourselves with the clothes we wear. On the other hand, fast fashion encourages the opposite.

The most important textile industries are committed to fast fashion, buying, throwing, and starting over, benefiting only their own economic interests. This trend limits our clothing to seven uses, manufactured quickly and in large quantities, forgetting the consequences for the environment and the labor abuse of excessive working hours with very low wages. A high production that generates a lot of waste that later nobody cares to manage, most of it ends up in the oceans, affecting the life of the ecosystems. Another difference between slow and fast fashion is that the second is temporary, with poor quality garments to last a few years, it encourages consumption.

Slow fashion, we can consider it as ecological fashion, vindicates the need to be able to dress. And consume clothes with a fairer exchange between employees, consumers, and the environment. The consumer is more aware of the benefits of this type of fashion. Sustainable fashion garments are made with higher quality materials and, in addition, they are more exclusive and personalized. This type of consumption makes local companies grow, with some personnel and that manufacture in our territory, avoiding environmental costs of travel. They bet on recycling and second-hand clothes, a way to make the most of these garments.

Famous who have gone to slow fashion

There are many famous people who have joined slow fashion, most notably Gwyneth Paltrow, who has published books and has become a global influence with a planet-friendly lifestyle. Paltrow’s company, Goop, has created a line of eco-friendly fashion shirts that are made from organic fabrics, dyed with natural dyes. They also promote sustainable practices, such as planting a tree in the Tahoe National Forest for every T-shirt sold.

Another famous person who has joined this ecological trend is Emma Watson. She promotes fair trade in the polluting fashion industry. She is an Ambassador for UN Women, promoting fair fashion and ethical standards in “the Fashion industry”. Watson worked with designer Alberta Ferretti to produce an eco-friendly range called “Pure Threads.”

Carmen Busquets is another of the driving women of this trend. She is one of the promoters of Net-a-Porter and brings the slow fashion side to brands such as Moda Operandi, Lyst, or Fartfetch. For her part, Stella McCartney was the pioneering designer who supported Slow Fashion in the world of luxury, she has her own sustainable and environmentally friendly brand.


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