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I have so many people to thank, starting with all of the girls who stopped and let me photograph their legs. Then there’s Matt Willey (@mrwilley) for designing this beautiful book, Kathy Ryan (@kathyryan1) for her generous introduction, and also @kehrerverlag (publisher), @harveyxdickson (copy editor), @bigalsphoto (image processing) and @instagram. The book is available now in Europe and in September in the US. You may order/pre-order on ($19.00/EUR 23,45/#15.00). I’ll have some copies to sell shortly and will provide details later if anyone is interested. Finally, thank you to all of you who have followed this feed.

Citi Legs Fashion 

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The best miter saws on market – DWS709

Of all the miter saws in the market, the double composite miter saw is the most versatile and therefore the most useful for carpenters. This type of saw will also be the most expensive, however, so when choosing the best compound double miter saw for your purposes, be sure to consider your budget. Unlike a standard miter saw, the double composite version features a track or bar that allows the blade to move over larger pieces of wood; the motor and the blade of dws709 can also pivot so cuts can be made at various angles. It is always a good idea to buy a double miter saw composed of a recognized manufacturer.

Many manufacturers offer warranties that protect the unit against breakage due to manufacturing defects. If the unit is broken, the manufacturer can repair or replace the unit free of charge. Lesser-known manufacturers can also offer such guarantees as well, but another advantage of buying from a reputable company is the availability of spare parts. Blades and any other moving part in the double compound miter saw can break down or carry out after the hour, and replacement may be required. A well-known manufacturer will have greater possibilities of having these types of pieces available for purchase. Consider the types of jobs you will be doing with the double compound miter dresses so you can choose the most appropriate size.

The size of the tips that can be cut with the dws709 will depend on how far the blade and motor can slide on your track, as well as how large of a machine platform you have for stabilizing the wood and the Mountain range. Think about the cuts that are going to be made, as well; the head of the saw should rotate a bit to allow different cut angles. Other features that you may want to look for when buying a double compound miter saw include dust collection systems, easily adjustable platforms and properly placed handles. Try to avoid saws that use a lot of plastic components; the more robust models will be made from metal components, although this adds weight to the overall unit. Make sure the saw has a blade guard that retracts automatically when the cutting head is lowered.

This will prevent accidental contact with the moving blade, which can result in serious injury. This protection is usually made of plastic or metal, and can be slid up to prevent the protector from coming into contact with the piece of wood during cutting. A composite miter is a cut in wood that contains two angles. To visualize a composite miter, think of a conical square vase. The sides of the vessel narrow 20 degrees from top to bottom. If you wanted to make that wooden vase, what is needed to make a standard 45 degree corner miter in a 20 degree field? The dws709is designed to make this type of cut, as well as standard miters and straight cuts. Learn how to use a miter saw by constructing an image frame.

Instructions for dws709:

  1. Adjust the composite miter box to cut an angle of 45 degrees. Tilt the head of the dws709 to cut 5 degrees towards the wood finishing piece.
  2. Press the trigger on the composite miter box and make two composite cuts, one on each end of the decorative trim piece. Measure 24 inches from each end of the decorative molding that has been cut with the miter saw and make a mark with a pencil. Rotate the saw to cut opposite the two original composite cuts.
  3. Adjust the 24-inch pieces sideways, turn the decorative frames and cut the ends of the molding without changing the set-up of the miter saw. Measure and mark 12 inches from both ends of the molding, turn the composite miter saw back to the original position and cut the decorative molding at the 12-inch marks.
  4. Place glue on each corner and use corner fasteners to hold the corners in place, set the decorative frame flat on the ground.
  5. Examine the frame. You will notice that the inside edges of the frame are sitting off the ground and the outer edges of the frame are horizontal. This is the result of the compound miter, cut with the dws709.

Compound miter cuts are cuts that you make at an angle to fit around the corners. No matter what type of molding is being cut, the most important part of a composite miter cut is receiving the right angle measurement. Crown molding is one of the most difficult types of molding to cut. Install along the top of the wall between the wall and the ceiling. Crown molding is available in many different styles and sizes, but you can cut all of this in exactly the same way.

Line to a conveyor in the first angle of the wall

Record the angle measurement. Pass a tape measure along the first piece of crown molding and trace a straight line through the piece at the cutting site. Turn the crown molding upside down and slide it into the miter saw. Push the thicker end up against the fence and slide the thin end against the base of the saw. Turn the blade of the saw to the middle of the angle measurement. For example, if the angle measurement is 90 degrees, turn the blade of the saw to 45 degrees in any direction. Line the blade with the mark on the molding and turn on the saw. Pull down the lever and bring the straight blade through the crown molding. Remove the molding from the saw and keep it in reserve for future use.

Measure and mark the second molding piece. Turn it over and slide it into the saw just like the previous piece. From the angle measured 90 degrees, turn the blade of the saw to 45 degrees in the opposite direction of the first cut and the line of the blade with the mark. Cut through this piece as you did with the previous one. Sand the ends of both pieces with medium-grade sandpaper where you cut them, and soften the edges. Fit the two pieces together in the corner of the room to verify that they fit correctly.

How to Create an Architecture SILO and URL Logic

Do you get a thousand doubts when considering the architecture of your website? Here I explain step by step how to create a SILO architecture and logic of URLs to work your SEO to the fullest and trigger the traffic of your website. We start and tell you points for Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure! Web architecture is one of the key factors when creating a new project, but also when it comes to “fix” an existing one that is not well at all. A good architecture will allow Google to be able to understand each of the sections of our website and, at the same time, position it using vertical SEO. Are you ready to take action?

What is vertical SEO?
Vertical SEO is the SEO of the future. The horizontal SEO is that of a web that talks about many things in particular but does not deepen in any, while the vertical is the one that specializes in something.

Let’s give an example to understand it better.
Imagine the website of a large shopping centre that has thousands of products and is also very old and has a lot of authority. Many people visit, so it is a powerful website and is well positioned for many products. That is a horizontal website. But if we create a website that talks about a single product, that explains everything you need to know about it, that compares it to others, that tells you how to use it, we will be doing a vertical web. Google values increasingly the vertical webs. The reason is very simple: there are more and more websites, so the one that talks about something in a complete way is the one that wins. And that is achieved with the web architecture. In this case, we are going to analyze the SILO architecture.

Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure:
This type of architecture allows you to build a relatively broad web, but at the same time, it allows you to do vertical SEO. The SILO architecture has a pyramidal shape.

The first page is obviously the Home Page, which must also be one of the most powerful on your website and can be used to position high-competitive keywords. Most likely, the home page is also the URL that most incoming links get over time, so it is a good idea to concentrate on a group of powerful keywords.

Pillar Pages
The next level of the SILO architecture is the so-called Pillar Pages. These are pages that “attack” keywords that are very important for our project, either because they can give us a lot of traffic or attract sales. The pillar pages are directly connected to the start page and this is done with cluster navigation, but this will be explained in another video. Each pillar page must have an epic content and be relevant not only for the keyword for which you want to position but for the entire semantic set of terms related to that keyword.

That is, it must answer all the doubts that may arise to the person who has reached it by searching for the main keyword. A pillar page of my web about exotic birds would be that of the “parrots” because it has many searches. There are a lot of people looking for information about parrots, but when they do they do not simply put “parrots” on Google. They look for, for example, what diseases parrots have, how to raise a parrot, what types of parrots are there, how to feed them…Read ahead for Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure. All these secondary keywords that we saw how to look for in the previous lesson are those that should be taken into account in the content of this pillar page.

The articles on our website will respond to the keywords derived from the keywords of each pillar page, which is where they are going to hang up. As you have been able to verify, little by little we are specializing the content. In this way, when someone enters the pillar page of “Parrots”, everything you will find there will have to do with these birds in particular. And Google will do the same. Seeing that there is a lot of information about parrots and that it is well connected to each other, the search engine will position that page well for searches about these birds. It is great for Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure.

URL logic
Now that we have seen what the SILO architecture is, the question is: How does all this translate to logic of URLs? The addresses of our website must have the same meaning as the SILO architecture. We are going to do it in the following way. The first level is the domain and “attacks” that main keyword of the topic that we are going to deal with, or the brand. In the second step, in the pillar pages, we will create a subfolder. Everything hanging from that folder will talk about parrots. Already in the third step, we would have the articles. This makes all the sense in the world and now I’m going to show you how to do it in WordPress.

Do you remember that I said that you had to put the categories in No Index? I did it for something … Here we see part of the homepage, from where we can access all the pillar pages, which are the most important for the web, such as macaws. In the logic of URLs, the closer a folder is to the root domain (the domain), the more important it is hierarchically speaking. Therefore, we must always ensure that these powerful keywords hang from the domain, as is the case. The fact is that the pillar page has a lot of content and responds to a lot of keywords, which we search with the tools that I told you about in the previous lesson. The good thing about creating logic of URLs like this, with different levels, is that it makes Google understand perfectly for which keyword you should position each of the pages. We hope with these points you may have a clear idea about the Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure.

5 Different Types OfPants That Always Work With Kurtis

5 Different Types OfPants That Always Work With Kurtis

Pants are the most comfortable and stylish outfit in the recent times. Different types of pants are available. They can be matched with any outfit and can be worn for almost any occasion. On the other hand, Kurtis can be worn for both simple and grand occasions. They are simply one of the elegant costumes and stand somewhere in between the western and the Asian culture. So here are the five different types of a bottom to wear with Kurtis.

5 Pants that always work with Kurtis:


Jeans and jeggings simply work with everything. They are the simplest form of pants are found in almost all closets. Jeans can work with any type of Kurtis, and they are good to go on any day. Blue and black are the common colors that match any occasion. Though it is considered more of casual wear, it can go well with formal costumes as well. So any given day jeans pant will be our first option.


Palazzo has become the order of the day off-lately. They go well with both long and short Kurtis. While you have the short ones for casual occasions, the long ones matched with palazzo is a perfect formal outfit. The best thing about palazzo is that you can either choose to look complementary or go for a contrast look. A palazzo outfit is fine with everything,

Flared Skirts: Flared Skirts are still looked at as western clothes in the Asian zones. But flared skirts are such a match for medium-sized Kurtis. You can choose to match it with a long top or a short top. They are more of casual wear. Of course, you cannot wear flared skirts for your budget meetings, but they still are one of the best outfits for any occasion.

Cigarette Pants:

One combination that can blend and camouflage itself according to the ambiance is cigarette pant along with Kurtis. Cigarette pants have almost become an everyday wear for most professionals. They are very much comfortable and are available in different models to match the various needs of people. While many people still look at it as casual wear, cigarette pants have gone way too long in the IT parks as well.


It is the common type of pant that originated along with Kurtis. Patiala is a short but broad pant that begins small grows wide at your thighs and then again gradually goes fit when it reaches your ankles. This is more of the eastern tradition that is yet to set a strong foot in the western culture. A Kurti will Patiala is an evergreen combination and is a trendsetter any day.

6 Reasons Why Leggings Are The Best

6 Reasons Why Leggings Are The Best

Leggings are one of the coolest inventions of the 20th century. Unlike what most of us believe, leggings are something that is new to the world. It already existed in the 1960s and the 1970s. Later on, people felt the need for change and that fashion was outdated. However, not that fashion experts strongly believe that history is repeating itself, now we have the leggings trending in the recent stages.

Among the other costumes, leggings are preferred by a lot of people. Since leggings can be matched with different types of outfit, they are preferred and worn by people of different ages. So here are some of the reasons as to why it is right for people to choose leggings over various other outfits.

Match it with anything:

Unlike jeans that are restricted to a small range of colors, leggings are available in different shades which be matched with almost all type of cloths. So you can wear almost anything of your choice and match it with a legging. Slit tops, umbrella cuts, Kurtis, short tops you name it, a legging can simply match with any of this.

Comfortable to wear:

You need not have to carry a belt once you switch to leggings, they are comfortable, and they can simply be worn effortless. They are available in different sizes and fits all body types. Age is just a number. With a pair of leggings, you can feel, young, energetic and flexible. They are pretty much comfortable in almost all postures, and they are the right costume for yoga and many other different types of exercises.


From the modest to modern ones, from cool to the crazy ones, leggings are available in a wide range. The fashionable leggings are available in printed versions that are enabling users to wear them will almost anything that they want. Leggings first came out only in plain color and only in one model. Now they are available in almost all types and all designs to suit the different needs of the users.

Shop body shamming yourself:

As we stated earlier, leggings come in different shapes and size, all you have to do is to pick the right size and slip on. Are you too fat or too thin to find the right outfit for different occasions? Are you tired of body shamming yourself? Leggings can redeem you for all such trouble. They are fit for all occasions. Since it fits the shape of your body, you will not feel too thin or too fat, and you only look pretty.

Close to fashion:

Legging, I feel, is the coolest invention ever. It is so versatile and comfortable, and thereby it will never go out of fashion. Leggings are the costumes that are setting the trend in the recent times. The huge population that prefers it today are mere example of how long this costume is here to stay.

It is for men as well:

Many people jump quickly to a conclusion that leggings are exclusively made for women, which is not true. They are made for men as well. So both men and women can flaunt their curves and feel good about themselves.


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