If you know the story of Gabrielle Chanel, you will know that, thanks to her innovative and disruptive determination, this Frenchwoman, better known by the pseudonym “Coco Chanel”, became one of the most important haute couture designers in history, despite its humble origins. And perhaps this inspiring story, like that of other great icons of the world of fashion, has motivated you to study Fashion Design.

It is very legitimate that you have your aspirational figures. However, you should know that being a fashion designer is not necessarily a profession full of glitter, reflectors, and catwalks. For this reason, and for you to make a well-informed decision, we better tell you what awaits you when you study Fashion Design.

Being a fashion designer requires patience

Perhaps you have already shared with someone your intention to study Fashion Design and, possibly, their response has been: “How incredible!”. Well, I’m sorry to inform you that this career is neither as easy nor as glamorous as you might think.

To be a fashion designer you are going to require many daily hours that go beyond design and that also involve pattern making and clothing. Therefore, you will spend entire nights sewing and unstitching until you create the perfect garments that you designed.

Studying fashion design requires knowing society

Designing clothes is not only drawing a costume and putting nice clothes on it, but it is understanding the person from an anthropological and social point of view. And all this implies that you are well informed of what is happening within the changing fashion industry, in which social, economic, and even political events are involved.

Study fashion design to undertake

Apart from the romantic idea that the fashion designer should only focus on his creations, you should also know that in Mexico, at least, the designer/entrepreneur profile predominates, so you should learn to manage all the areas that it implies. to business. Hence, when you compare the study programs offered by different universities, think about the approach you want to give to your career and which school offers you that training.

You will enter a consolidated and very competitive industry

Despite the challenges faced by its players (designers, investors, entrepreneurs, and sectoral organizations), studying Fashion Design in Mexico is entering a consolidated industry that, although it does not appear in the great fashion circles, it is a benchmark within Latin America. At least that is what is observed in Intermoda, an event that is held twice a year in Guadalajara, where national and international designers, producers, distributors, and buyers meet to meet, exhibit and acquire the most outstanding trends in fashion. the season, in addition to approaching potential customers and closing deals.

With an annual growth of over 12%, the fashion industry market amounts to $345 billion pesos, according to figures from the now defunct ProMéxico. According to the same source, speaking only of the textile sector, there are 20,000 companies (90% of them SMEs) that represent 10% of the manufacturing GDP and that create close to one million direct and indirect jobs. This branch, together with clothing, exports products worth $3,000 million pesos, with the United States being the main export destination.

By studying fashion design you can be more than a designer

As we already told you, studying Fashion Design is much more than just knowing how to design and sew. In reality, it is a career with diversified work aspects. As for which?

Work in retail: Big fast fashion companies like Zara, C&A, H&M, and Forever 21 are always looking for new talent to join their team.

Work in an established brand: It would be a great option because you would be part of a world-renowned firm such as Versace, Gucci, or YSL.

Create your new company and your own brand: For this, you will need to cover the profile of the designer/entrepreneur that we talked about before.

Market research: Your job destination will be the departments of marketing, research, and trend analysis, as well as consumer behavior.

Work independently as a consultant or stylist You can also create your own fashion blog.

As you have seen, studying Fashion Design is like all professions: many challenges and frustrations, but also great opportunities if you know how to “spin fine”.