Every woman should try at least once in their life, the incredible beauty treatments offered by the spa, which is why for those who have not even been to one for a facial or massage, I show you what clothes should lead to a massage and enjoy a delicious and relaxing day at the spa.

Our best friend invites us to a hot stone massage and we have not the slightest idea what to wear for a professional massage, but not to look like beginners decided not to ask our friend and look on our own: here everything you must know.

First time in a massage: What to wear?

To get where you do the massage you can wear any clothes; your everyday clothes, which you use to college, to work or your daily tasks depending on what they are because there are no labels for this.

In the massage room

Depending on the place, you might have to undress before entering the massage room, though usually in the room their own bathrooms where you can undress and put your clothes massages and bathrobe that will give at the spa. Surely you see it now in the bathroom so do not hesitate to use it, because it is for you.

Clothing during a massage

You need to bring extra underwear when you will make a massage because the underwear you use massage for the time that you can fill with any cream, oil, or water.

You can wear a swimsuit in two parts. This is one of the best options because after taking off the robe will stay in a bathing suit and time to massage the person who can untie the top of your bathing suit when you are back, without you naked.

Wear a traditional bra does not do so practical experience, since it is more difficult to remove, and even unbuttoned and back, bra straps will be in the arms. The bottom can be any type of panties; if the masses are very high you lower them a bit, but do not remove them.

Keep in mind that you can bring a swimsuit for the hour massage and other underwear to get out of the massage or you can bring your underwear plus extra underwear.

The best swimsuits for massages are those that tie around his neck, this way it will be a very easy masseuse take off, making your experience more relaxing as there is nothing to hinder that massage is done well at all your body.

General recommendations for taking a massage

  • If you wear a necklace, consider that you should take off.
  • Avoid using large rings or earrings, but if you use them remember to take them off before the massage.
  • Bring sandals to avoid walking with your heels around the room and not having to walk barefoot.

Now you have a better idea of how is the realization of a massage for the first time and the clothes you should bring to your spa experience is like really needs to be relaxing and delicious.

Pamper your senses with chocolate massages, hot stone, or select from the variety in styles of massage there.