The month of fashion (September) puts a series of trends that we would usually see from catwalks in the four fashion capitals (London, NY, Paris and Milan). To now enjoy them from digital platforms, where dynamics are maintained, euphoria and novelty generated by what entails a new dictation in the industry.

But what will be in vogue? Does the fashion propose new garments in the middle of a pandemic? How do you live the “new normal” from the trends? Let’s review what we will be seeing in stores and possible street style postcards in the coming months.

Top Fashion Trends from Spring/Summer 2021

A return to fluorescent colors, super bulky shoulder garments, and even that playful makeup and hairstyling was anticipated, but we didn’t expect it to be so literal. The production of digital parades, brand campaigns have emphasized it and it seems we will have eighties trends for a long time.

This translates to blouses, jackets, and dresses in shoulder pads, strident prints from flowers and geometric shapes, the use of fluorescent makeup, denim garments with colors such as purple, pink, green, and light, hair took to the messiest curls and hair a little shorter.

Animal print, never miss

It already looks like a closet staple. Only this time, he returns with force to appear incomplete outfits. And we will not only see patterns of tiger or leopard but also of snake, giraffe, zebra and even cow. The best way to adapt it will be through blouses or dresses, combining them with a fluorescent tone or the traditional black.

Fringes everywhere

In shirts, dresses, and vests, it will be one of the most colorful details and simple. We are talking about long fringes, which generate a lot of movement in the garments when walking, giving a boho air to the style.

Sets ‘indoor’ for teleworking

The pandemic marked a milestone in fashion and is that of the indoor category, that is, indoors. And so many firms have taken advantage of showing sets made up of joggers, cargo pants, or cotton palazzos to match sweatshirts or loose blouses. Instead of neutral tones, as we usually find in this proposal, we will see something more pink, purple, and marsala tones.

Trendy colors 2021

Although we will expand on this topic in our special Spring-summer 2021 fashion colors, for now, we can advance a prominent color palette, which without forgetting neutrals and the inevitable black and white, navigates widely in the range of greens, incorporates intense yellows, variants of pink, oranges, vibrant reds, and reaches the range of blues from midnight blue through denim to light blue, purple finds place, and lilac appears on the scene as one of the candidates for summer fashion favorites 2021. Delicate pastel versions also make their contribution. Neon tones like gold look for space in accents both in clothing and in footwear and accessories.

Prints spring summer 2021

As for the 2021 prints, flowers undoubtedly dominate, which have always provided freshness and joy. Although they reach prominence, they are far from being the only ones on the scene. The prints are divided between arabesques, mandalas, tribal, polka dots, stripes, and some animal print versions. There will be room for optical and geometric games, experimenting with batik and gradients. As a particularity this season, the favorite looks are presented in total prints. We do not find many audacious mixtures or combinations of different printed motifs in the same garment or style, as we did see on other occasions.

Key items of spring-summer 2021 fashion: the difference is in the design details.

Diversity is a premise once again and this spring, summer 2021 is manifested in coexistence in the same proposal of a variety of types. In this way, the miniskirts do not steal space from the midi skirts that burst in to stay, while the maxi skirts continue to be valid. The same happens with the pants. The high waist is still king. Still, the low waist appears and promises to try to find a place again. The wide sleeves range from the elephant foot to the semi oxfords, in all lengths. Hence, the cropped bell-bottoms attend the appointment and this occurs in different materials, whether in sportswear par excellence, denim, or more delicate “dress” fabrics.