As an image consultant, I feel that my duty is not only to tell you what things are in fashion or not but also to banish that misconception that I sometimes hear that dressing according to the trend is synonymous with dressing well. There really is nothing further from that, and do you know why? For one thing, blindly following only trends does NOT make you “in style”, not to mention that your impulse purchases are soon going to leave you in debt.

And on the other hand, dressing well is going to be given by respecting your personal style, wearing clothes that fit you well and stand out, and seeing yourself in a modern way but not as a victim of fashion.

Bolivia Brand T-Shirt

This year, with the pants it happens that they are used a little wider and the shorts again. like Bermuda shorts, they become longer.

You can already see this at the international fashion level, but in the southern cone once tight pants are installed they are difficult to leave, especially for the younger generation. That’s why below I’ll leave you a look at the breadth of the pants that are in trend from the Zara brand, and then I’ll show you the best of some of the Argentine brands that continue to be handled without so much breadth for this season.

You Can Find Both Looks At Zara For Men

Below I show you the Argentinian brand Prototype, and how its bet is on a progressive change from tighter to looser pants.

What if you prefer tighter pants? nothing happens! you keep using them, what is in fashion today is that everyone expresses his style as he likes while looking current and tidy. Yes, I recommend that you avoid the super skinny models because those are not in trend anymore and they are not as flattering.

Straight pants, that is, neither too wide nor too tight, are a safe bet because they are a classic cut that does not go out of style in our latitudes.

Pants From The Summer Line Of The Penguin Brand

Bermuda shorts, compared to other years, are also slightly longer:

The key to making them fit you well is to find the right length, that is, the one that fits you best. My recommendation is that you always aim for it to reach a few centimeters above the knee, and not too loose so that you can create different looks with both more casual and more formal garments.

Bermuda shorts and pants with pockets on the sides are part of this year’s trend.

The first option is shorter and tighter and you find it in Prototype, the second is longer and wider in the Bolivia brand.

Regarding the pants in denim fabric, known as jean pants, the dark blues give way to the lighter blues, or with interventions that give a more washed color.

The First Shirt Is From The Herencia Custom Garage Brand, and The Following is From The Penguin Brand

Thanks to the pandemic today, a greater connection with nature is sought, which is why fashion seeks to add garments to its collections that are more typical of outdoor sports, such as windbreaker jackets, cargo pants, sneakers, and everything land, among other pieces.

In Water-Repellent Jacket Image Of The Bolivia Brand

In winter, inflated or puffy jackets were part of the trend, for summer you can find the option of vests.

Bensimon Brand Vest

As for lighter coats, we have both the classic shirts over any t-shirt,

Penguin Brand Shirt

like the ones on shirts with big pockets like the one you can see below and find at Zara.

How are overshirts used?

As a light coat over a t-shirt, or in the best “layering” style over the shirt that is already on top of the t-shirt.

Jean jackets are another big trend that continues.

The One In The Image Is From Bensimon

We have reached the end! but from this note, in future updates, I will be giving you more information so that you can improve your image with many other tools.

Today what I was looking for is to give you the main notions of the trend of the season, leave you some tips so that you know how to put together your looks, and as if that were not enough, I told you where you can find each garment that I mention so that updating is a little simpler.

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