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Chicago has a rich heritage of art, museums, and architecture. It is also the center and hub for Jazz music. When you are on a trip to a place or after a long day, the things you want the most are food, drinks, and nightlife. Of course, you would visit the local tourists’ attractions and spend your complete day there enjoying it. But wherever you go your tummy calls will pull you towards restaurants to get the local best mouth-watering dishes.

When you are in Chicago, you can rock the whole night at late-night dance floors or visit famous comedy clubs with the family to get rib-tickling comedy. Here we present you a few must-visit places.

The best Comedy Clubs

You can find comedy clubs utilizing young talented comedians or established comedians, giving you the best experience.

The Second City: This comedy club has provided a stage for several established now comedians during their struggling period

Zanies & The Comedy Bar: You can find comedy acts by renowned comedians throughout the year to keep all the visitors engaged and glued.

Theater: This institute has given training to many comedians, sharpening their skills. IT has produced the biggest comedic writers and stars of the industry

The Night Clubs:

Uptown: It is one of the oldest jazz music club in Chicago. Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom, Green Mill, and Riviera Theatre. Al Capone was a regular visitor to Green Mill.

Wicker Park: Subterranean, Chop Shop, The Hideout, Empty Bottle are some of the best places to visit in Wicker Park. The nightlife is made lively by DJs, local musicians, burlesque dancers.

Logan Square: This music hub offers experimental music, dive bars, art galleries, cocktail lounges, etc. You must visit the Whistler, Concord Music Hall, Cole’s Bar, etc. the weekends are especially exciting as it offers electronic, indie, hip hop, metal, etc and the concerts will be from different artists.

Few other best night clubs to visit include Smart Bar, Tao Chicago, East Room, Berlin, Beauty Bar, Disco, LiqrBox, SoundBar. Most of the restaurants and bars offer good deals of food and drinks. Chicago is known for deep-dish pizzas and hotdogs, there is much more to eat than this. The night clubs and bars offer dance floor, Skee-ball, video games, beer, whiskey special, local artist, jazz and blues. When you are on a night out make sure you have arranged pick and drop facility to avoid any hassle.

Each of the night clubs is uniquely designed and lighted and offers different types of music to attract all types of music lovers to come and shake a leg. You can find several local talented artists presenting their music skills, creating a lively environment or talking on the current political and general scenarios in the most humorous way.

The exotic cocktails and brewed beers will drive you again and again to enjoy the nightlife of Chicago!

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