The evolution of the media and its importance in all social environments is notorious. New technologies are present in all areas (retail, educational, social, business, etc.). With the expansion of digital communication, mainly through social networks, companies and business managers had to adapt to the new type of customer and the new market.

Marketing strategies, as well as advertising content, are essential for the success of any business organization, in order to increase sales and reach potential customers. In this context, it is important that advertisers know the public to be reached and develop attractive content and that the potential client identifies with such content provided by the brand.

Nowadays, it is necessary to understand the client as a critical individual with great decision-making capacity, present on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. This individual is more active in the digital context and therefore, he is a critical customer and has all the information on the Internet in his hands. He is a customer who wants to be served promptly.

The importance of social networks in improving communication and the client/company relationship

Social media impact

The company must speak the same language as the client, it must study its public and get to know it in order to use the best actions in the digital context and always be in direct contact through social networks, a tool that brings benefits to the company and also for the customer.

An active presence of the company in social networks helps to consolidate the brand, it is important that the advertising content expresses the ideals of the company and its market proposal. Through interaction in the social context, the customer perceives the feedback of the brand and begins to notice it closer and more viable so that he can express his opinions about the products, clarify doubts, solve possible problems in the purchase process, or contribute ideas. on the construction of the product.

The advantages of social networks in promoting a brand

Benefits of acting on social networks for companies

A brand that wants to be seen, increase its turnover, and reach as many customers as possible, must be present on social networks. The digital context is an essential factor for the growth of the company and the improvement of the relationship with the client. Some advantages for companies in acting in the digital context:

Media coverage at a low cost

Today it is very easy to advertise any work through social networks, at a low cost compared to television ads. Companies have the ease of being in an environment seen by a large public and also promoting their brand through influencers, professionals who act as bloggers, or YouTubers. That they have a specific audience on social networks and exert a great power of influence, which is an essential factor to publicize any product without making high investments in advertising.

Target segment

It is possible to monitor the public to which the campaign is intended and, through their opinions expressed through comments or requests on social networks, understand what the client is looking for, what they expect from the brand. With this, the relationship of digital natives is favored, an audience that has always lived in the digital age and is even more critical and demanding.

The viral effect facilitates rapid dissemination of the product

The customer’s response and feedback are instantaneous on social networks. If the company bets on a high-quality campaign, based on the best digital marketing strategies, a product can become viral and the brand will consequently be known by a large number of people.

Improves communication with the client

Through the client’s comments in the publications, it is possible to understand the client and promptly answer their questions. This channel of interaction with the client improves the trust that the client places in the company and allows the company to build consumer loyalty.

Alert possible problems related to products and services

With instant interaction and with the ease of communication through social networks. Any problem with the product, manufacturing defects, harmful components, or problems related to services, such as delivery delays or return difficulties can be immediately identified by the brand and resolved immediately.

Being present on social networks means being seen by the general public regardless of the sector in which the company operates (retail, food, pharmacy, ecology, etc.), being a current and appropriate way to be in contact with the consumer and improve the client/company relationship through communication and good services.

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