If you are planning to use fake ID for the purpose of entertainment, make sure you ask all necessary questions not just to yourself but also to the makers of these fake ID. The questions you can ask can be any or all of the following.

What You Need To Know About Fake ID

Do you need a fake ID? Before you even say yes to this, make sure to ask the following questions.

Questions to ask yourself

The first person you have to ask is yourself. Do not rush getting this kind of ID until you know the purpose of doing so.

  • Why do you need it?

First off, you have to put this in mind, these kind of IDs are not to be used for legal or criminal purposes. They are only meant to be used for the purpose of entertainment, bragging to friends, or anything else of the like. They are not real or issued by the government, hence there is no reason to use it for other purposes than entertainment.

If you are planning to use it for criminal purposes, then forget about it. You should not attempt to use it to commit a crime or anything else of the like.

  • How much can you afford?

Before you even talk to an ID maker, you have to set a budget first. How much can you afford? Are you okay spending for the purpose of fun and entertainment? If so, up to how much are you willing to shell out.

Note: Once you know how much you can and are willing to spend, then find a company who can provide you such service within the range of amount you can only afford.

Questions to ask the makers

You must need to ask the makers of these ID, questions that can help you decide whether you will order from them, or you will look somewhere else.

  • How much will it cost?

This is one of the first questions you need to ask the maker. How much they charge per ID and so on. But of course, you should not focus just on the tag price alone, you have to give priority on the quality of the ID you will purchase, including the material they use, the kind of hologram they put on the ID and so on.

Note: There is nothing wrong if you ask for a bargain, like freebies, discounts and so on. You are not expecting them to say yes, but there is nothing to lose asking them.

  • How fast can they deliver?

Can they deliver on time you need the ID? There are ID makers who can deliver in less than a month, in two weeks, a week etc. The best way to ensure that they can deliver is speaking with them. There are some who charge more for rush services, so the key to know is ASK. Different ID makers have different time frame, hence never assume.

  • What can they include in your ID?

Can they include holograms? Are their IDs scanable? The more features on their ID the better and more realistic it can look like. You would never want to buy an ID that looks far better than the original. If you want an add on, just ask them whether they can include it or not. If not, then might as well ask someone else who can.

  • How to send payments?

This is a question people looking for ID tend to forget asking. They think that the only way they can send payment is through their website or online. Some do not know that they can do it through different payment options like western union. Make sure that the payment option you will use is something that you are most comfortable using.

Note: In the event that you decide to use credit or debit card, make sure that you are entering your information to a trusted website. The easiest way to check is through the website address, if it is https, then you are on a secured site. Do not key in your debit or credit card information too fast.

  • How they handle security?

Even if you are using these ID for entertainment purposes, you should not disregard your security. Read on their terms and conditions and terms of agreement before even thinking about ordering ID or stating your personal information.

Note: The best way to ensure that your security is handled well is dealing with ID makers that are trusted and credible in the industry. Check on the maker’s history and make sure they are doing a clean business all throughout their service. The length of service can be considered but needless to say, quality of their service is better than quantity of years they are in service.

  • Is there anything else you can get other than the ID?

There are companies who offer business to their existing customers, like the opportunity to earn from people they refer. Ask them whether they provide such services and business, if they do, other than enjoying the ID you get from them you can also enjoy a possible income.

There are more questions to ask than the above. Do not place an order until the time everything is clear to you. Just like to any services or products you acquire, you can never know the answer until you ask questions.