Are you thinking of changing your glasses this year and want to know the trends of 2020? The trends in prescription glasses in 2020 are varied and very particular. In our image gallery, you will find the inspiration you need to understand the ideal model and frame that is right for you. Then find out everything you need to know!

Trends in prescription glasses in 2020

Are eyeglasses in fashion? Today, in addition to being a necessity, they have even become a fashion item. But to have the style with prescription glasses, you have to choose them well. Square or in the shape of a butterfly, we offer you the most beautiful models of glasses, to be adopted whether you are myopic or not. Eyewear trends 2020 are particularly fascinating and suitable for almost the shape of the face.

Did you think that the glasses were exclusively dedicated to people who have a vision problem? Rather! Today, with vision problems or not, glasses are a fashion accessory. Everyone adopts them: celebrities, fashion influencers, and even us mere mortals. But beware, it is better to choose glasses with great caution, especially if we use them as a truly useful object. Among the different shapes, the different colors, and the trends of the moment, the choice is wide.

Trends in prescription glasses 2020 fashion frames for women and men

Every year, designers update their eyewear collections. After all, fashionable prescription glasses are not only a means of correction but also an accessory that should harmoniously fit into your image. Of course, the glasses must match what the ophthalmologist indicated in the prescription. But when it comes to choosing frames, you have a lot more freedom.

What about eyewear trends in 2020? Many types of frames created several decades ago continue to enjoy popularity. At the same time, there are fashion trends that have appeared relatively recently. The wide assortment is a guarantee that you will definitely find the option that suits you best.

Fashion eyeglasses frames in 2020

“Cat Eye”

One of the most popular frames created for the female sex is the so-called “cat’s eye” pattern. It is also known by the English name cat-eye. A characteristic feature of this model is the pointed outer upper corners, slightly elongated towards the temples. It seems that such frames will never go out of style. And today they have not lost their relevance at all. Also, at this time, comparatively narrow frames of this type are of particular interest. They help create a light and fun look.

“Too big”

Large round and square oversized frames will appeal to those looking for a retro look. But such glasses are suitable not only for connoisseurs and lovers of vintage style.

These elegant frames can create a feeling of deliberate childishness, frivolity. Also, the oversized frame can visually rejuvenate. Such models hide about two-thirds of the face, and because of this, they are well suited for creating mysterious, enigmatic, and dramatic images.


If you like round frames, but the oversized models seem too extravagant, you can pay attention to variations of the classic Tishades. They became fashionable thanks to John Lennon, they were worn by Ozzy Osbourne, they are preferred by Harry Potter. Even though these are all male, these models look great on female faces.


Many manufacturers offer their own variations of the famous “Browliners”, made by the Ray-Ban company, this model is known as Clubmaster (“Clubmaster”). The top of this frame follows the brow line and emphasizes it. A thin metal rim holds the lens underneath. These glasses often combine metal with plastic. This year, club masters are characterized by a lightweight upper. Consequently, the bottom becomes even thinner and more elegant.

Transparent plastic

Designers offer a variety of frames made of clear or translucent plastic. It can be completely colorless or colored like a caramel. Glasses with such frames look not only light but completely weightless. They are appropriate for almost any situation. The discreet and colorless models are a good option for the office and for everyday use, and the brightest are for walking and going out at night.

Bright means modern

Modern plastic frames look bright and eye-catching. Both multi-colored models and patterned models are in fashion. These frames are a great option for those looking to turn heads.

Unexpected Color Prescription Glasses Frames

Stylish, colorful glasses with shiny frames not only enhance your vision but also cheer you up. The beautiful eyeglass frames in vibrant colors of 2020 draw attention to your eyes, allowing you to create a stylish and effective look for daring girls.

Men’s frames in 2020

Do not think that the shape of the frame worries only women. Men also tend to wear glasses, which correct their vision and help to emphasize or, conversely, to visually disguise any features of their appearance.


Frames: “drops” or “aviators”, it seems, will never go out of style. They are also worn by women, but “aviators” are especially popular with the stronger sex. In fact, thanks to frames of this type, they look emphatically brave.

This type of glasses appeared in 1937 in the United States. They were initially developed for military pilots, but the design became extremely popular and people far from aviation began to wear such lenses.


Marcos- “Browliners” with a massive top and a slim, sleek bottom are also available for men. They are suitable for both young and old men, they allow you to create the image that you like the most: at the same time bright, modern, and soberer, corresponding to the classic style.

Angular shapes

One of the current trends in the angular frames. Depending on the specific model, they can suit both connoisseurs of everything unusual and even extravagant, and those who prefer the classics. Frames with hexagonal frames look like round models, but at the same time have their own “zest”

The main thing is, of course, the possibility of installing the lenses you need in the frame you want. Your individual preferences also play a role.

When choosing a frame, you need to take into account the features of its appearance. Do not forget: it is desirable that the width of the model is in harmony with the width of your face. You should also take into account the shape of the face: it can be round or square, heart-shaped, etc.

If you are unsure of what to choose and don’t know what is right for you, contact the sales consultants who work at the optical store. They will propose options that will help you create the right look: for work, for everyday use, or for the occasion.