The garment has become an icon of style and elegance; such an important piece of men’s wardrobe that you don’t even need to ask yourself whether to wear it or not. The only question to ask is: how to wear the men’s trench coat?

In this post we will guide you in the world of the men’s trench coat: you will find tips on how to match it, on which length to choose, and on the features to evaluate to find the right model for you.

Outfit with men’s trench coat: 3 styles, 3 ideas

1) Elegant trench coat with broken dress

If you love the classic and formal look (the one of a real businessman to be clear), choose a blue men’s trench coat to match with slim-cut America pocket trousers. Complete the look with a classic  “office blue” shirt and a  deconstructed jacket in the same shade as the trench coat.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch by wearing a patterned tie. Make sure that the hue always recalls the blue of the jacket and trench coat.

2) Summer men’s trench coat with a casual-chic outfit

If you have to prepare for a commitment that requires a well-groomed outfit that, however, does not exceed in elegance (the now well-known casual chic look, so to speak), the waterproof overcoat is a perfect starting point.

In this case, you can choose dark denim, a white shirt, and a light unstructured jacket, perhaps in a light color. In this way, you can “lighten” the look giving it a more springy touch.

3) Men’s trench coat with a casual look

If it is perfect with the most elegant and refined looks, it is in the casual combination that the trench coat finds its true nature (did you know that it was born as a water-repellent coat in the early 1900s to protect soldiers from the heaviest weather conditions?).

One idea is to choose a  blue trench coat and wear it over a striped patterned sweater in the same tone of blue. Denim (inevitable) and sneakers and you have created a perfect casual outfit!

The extra touch? A contrasting color thread to be made, for example, with a scarf in shades of red.

How to choose the men’s trench coat: here are the characteristics to be evaluated

To choose the right model among the men’s trench coats of the best brands, there are at least 4 aspects to consider:

Weight: varies according to the season, although most of the stylish men’s raincoats are made with water-repellent technical fabrics that retain the right warmth when the weather is cool and humid.

Breathability: always consider that materials such as plastic and rubber (now so fashionable) do not allow correct transpiration. This means that if you have to move from one part of the city to another during the day, you risk making you sweat a lot. How to overcome this inconvenience? For your outfits always choose trench coats in breathable fabrics such as cotton.

Fit: when you try on the trench coat remember that it must be the right size. That is, it must have enough space to be worn over a jacket.

Color: in business daywear, you can also dare with light natural colors such as beige or khaki (remember, however, to always evaluate in relation to your complexion). In the evening or in very formal settings, however, the blue duster will be perfect!

Men’s duster length: which is the right one?

To enhance the trench coat in the right way, one of the most important aspects to consider is the length. There is no standard size and the choice of the model must be made based on your height and build, as well as considering the occasion of use.

In general, the trench coat can be:

short: it is the right model if you are not very tall. This model is usually considered sportier and should always be worn open;

medium: it has a length that reaches approximately one palm below the waist. This is also a model suitable for those who are not very tall and works well in both casual and elegant versions;

long: it is certainly the most classic and versatile model. Perfect when combined with elegant suits and worn closed, tied with a belt or knot at the waist;

Extra-long: of undoubted charm, but more demanding to wear and match. Choose it only if you are very tall and slender.