To choose the color of the suit you are going to use, you must take into account certain details, but normally with a black suit, you will be right. Let’s discover how to wear a black suit?

The time, the formality of the event, the place, and the climate are factors to take into account when choosing the color of your suit, but having the answers to all this, you will know immediately which color and which fabric are the right ones.

How to wear a black suit?

Black suits are suitable for funerals, weddings, offices, business meetings, and other formal occasions. But black suits are not suitable for everyday wear and some situations. It looks beautiful when you wear it with suitable combinations. Some of the tips for wearing a black suit are as follows:

The background color suits are available in different materials or fabrics. Choose the material based on your taste and the climatic condition of the place where you live. Black-striped suits are best for short and/or stocky men, while other black suit options are best for tall, thin men. Short and/or stocky men can also look for other options in black suits.

It seems to be the best for any formal or professional occasion. Your black suit should essentially fit your body. Tailor your suit to fit you perfectly. Only if your black suit fits you perfectly will you look stylish.

Shirts in light blue or steel gray tones may be suitable for black striped business suits. You can wear shirts in a wide variety of colors for a solid black suit. Try to wear a formal collared shirt with a matching tie. You can even attach cufflinks if your shirt supports cufflinks.

How to get a black suit right

That said, wearing a black suit is almost always synonymous with success, and it is a classic of suits, either because of its innate elegance or because of the authority it transmits. But this type of suit is a very formal garment so you should always wear it at events of this type and never daily.

If you want to know when it is correct to wear a black suit, do not miss what I am going to tell you:

1- Funeral

Whether it is daytime or in the afternoon, you should always pay your respects to the deceased and his family, so a black suit becomes the ideal garment. You can combine it with a shirt that is light with which you feel comfortable and a black tie.

2- Event where a formal protocol is required

When I refer to an event with protocol, I mean that it has a lot of importance, a meeting, a party in which you must show respect and authority, so, ideally, you wear a suit black with a white shirt.

3- Formal evening event

It can be a birthday, a wedding or any celebration that starts at 6:00 p.m. In this case, you will need a black suit, although depending on the type of event, if the formality increases, you will have to bet on a tailcoat or a tuxedo.

If you choose to wear a tailcoat, then you can choose different combinations such as wearing a white bow tie, a white shirt, and a vest and handkerchief of the same color. The footwear will be dark in color, like the gloves, and will be made of patent leather or leather. It is very important that with this look you wear cufflinks and never button your jacket. If the protocol is very fussy, accessories should be a top hat and even a cane.

You can opt for a black-tie, which consists of wearing a tuxedo, with a single-button jacket, white shirt, bow tie, and black shoes. The use of a black-tie is allowed, and accessories that should not be missing are cufflinks and oxford shoes.

4- If you need to show authority

It is clear if you have to go to an event in which you need to be seen with authority, black is your ally. Combine your suit with a shirt in a pale shade and you will achieve the perfect combination. But if you want your degree of authority to be extreme, then pair your black suit with a white shirt and red tie, then you are sure to succeed.

In case you have doubts about wearing or not wearing a tie, you should wear it. If no one is wearing it and you feel uncomfortable, you can always take it off and put it away. But not wearing it and everyone wearing that is not going to be solved.

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