Google increasingly shuffles more data and we must take this into account, because it also shows a greater number of markets to satisfy, with its own characteristics. To all this we must add the boom of mobility. The boom of mobile devices forces us to think of an adapted strategy, so that our product can be consulted with the same quality on any type of screen. On the other hand, we cannot forget that the search engines are trying to answer themselves to the user’s queries and needs, so if that is not taken into account, they will be doing our work and taking away clients. This is one of the pain points that we must solve when creating useful content.

Many SEO agencies, work with great effort their main keyword “agency SEO” SEO positioning agency” … demonstrating how well they position and it is not a bad option in order to have a convincing and evident argument to show that they know how to do it. But really the only thing we really know with this information is that they have worked on those keywords and that’s it.

Every day there are more professionals in the digital marketing sector thanks to the eruption of new innovative companies focused on business models on the Internet. Within this world, there are many different profiles and one of the brightest is undoubtedly the SEO positioning expert. The logical question arrived at this point would be What is an SEO Manager? We can define it as the person who coordinates the appearance of a web page in the search engines with the aim of appearing in the first positions.

How to make an SEO strategy and what mistakes should you avoid improving your web positioning at Harrisburg SEO Company?

Now, since web positioning is so transversal and affects not only the online part of the planning but the entire business plan itself, I organized the information into two large blocks:

  • On the one hand how to make a positioning strategy step by step.
  • On the other hand, the five typical mistakes that are made when raising it.
  • No more, we started, I hope you enjoy it!

How to create a step-by-step SEO strategy?

When considering an SEO strategy feel an authentic predilection for the number five, you know that it is little less than a magical number in oriental culture, Chinese medicine or even in martial arts.

SEO on and off-page

In practically all my online marketing plans in general, we usually say that the first step is to carry out a classic web positioning audit. The topic is extensive; in fact, if you want to know more about how to do SEO audits but we will give you the keys, that of course! We usually do three differentiated blocks when carrying out a web positioning audit, which are:

► Accessibility

These are points to study that have to do with possible problems that Google may have, not only to reach your information but also to take it correctly. Among these points some important is if you have a profile of Google Search Console (former Google Webmaster Tools), if you have integrated Google Analytics, if you use a CMS what and in what version, elements in Flash, in JavaScript, how it handles 301 redirects, 404 errors or, of course, if the site has the robots.txt or sitemap.XML files.

► Keywords

Once we have clear what problems there are in the way Google enters and understands the site, we move towards the realization of a complete study of keywords, not only in which the most interesting are at all levels (both head and long tail). Among the parameters that I like to measure in keywords are the volume (number of approximate searches per month), the competition, the trend and the estimated CPC since, the more CPC has a more interesting keyword, it is usually for the project.

It is a combination of marketing, sociology and a technical part, which today is fundamental in any digital marketing strategy. SEO professionals at Harrisburg SEO Company understand how users perform their searches and implement improvements in the website to increase traffic. Regarding job offers, they have two options: Work in an agency and for several clients, or in-house in the Marketing department of a company.

If we talk about qualities, we can say that a good SEO Manager at Harrisburg SEO Company is proactive and curious, since the evolution of search engines occurs week by week and has to be continually recycled. The profiles are very different: computer engineers, experts in business, marketing, telecommunications, journalists, etc. There is no university career that validates you to be an SEO manager since it is a very practical profession and requires tests, forecasts and analytics. If you are thinking about dedicating yourself to the world of SEO, read on and find out what are your functions in the company, what qualities you have and the keys to becoming a true professional search engine positioning.

How many companies have positioned? How have they done? What references do they have? …

It is essential when choosing which SEO agency you hire, carry out a comparative investigation of the success stories of the main SEO agencies that you know or that you have heard about them or read an interesting article. Compare the success stories, inform yourself well, and have the results as objective criteria when discarding SEO agencies and end up staying with the one that suits you best.

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice, not on the level of relevance but on exclusivity. The majority of clients that seek to contract SEO services with an SEO agency are not clear about what they want or do not have their objectives clearly marked.

Harrisburg SEO Company

The clearer you have them, the specialist will tell you more easily what you need and how you could focus your strategies. The normal thing is that you go advising and indicating at the same time prices, tasks that encompass each of the online marketing services, and ultimately to creating a plan tailored to your needs as a company and your business objectives.