Many people think that while using moisturizer daily there is no need for a good facial. Well, those people could not be more wrong. Using a daily facial moisturizer is vital for the health and vitality of the skin, however a facial treatment at least once a month really highlights the skin and benefits us rehydrating, balancing and firming the skin. Opt for the acne treatment singapore! There is a wide variety of facials to choose from and it can be confusing to choose the right facial for you. Ideally, a visit to the beauty salon frees you from the problem, since there they realize the type of skin you have and they will apply what your skin needs.

Facials follow trends and it is so these days that anti-ageing facials and decongestants are very popular. The important thing about a facial is to eliminate free radicals and promote the production of collagen and elastin which is vital to obtain healthily, balanced and rejuvenated skin. You can choose between a facial specially prepared for you in whom the therapist selects the ingredients that your skin needs and is applied manually. These facials are derived from essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and marine algae. At acne treatment Singapore after cleaning and exfoliating your skin these ingredients are incorporated on the surface of your skin by means of a relaxing massage on the face, neck and shoulders ending with the application of a mask to complete the treatment.

Alternatively, there is a combination of facials of selected ingredients and applied manually with facials applied with an appliance. These tend to be more effective as they ionize the preparation deep into the dermis of the skin. This is the most important skin layer where the qualities of the skin cells are determined. Working in this deep layer improves the condition and appearance of the superficial layer of the skin which can last up to a month. These facials at acne treatment Singapore are totally safe and relaxing especially when the therapist incorporates massages on the face, neck and shoulders to help relax and improve the circulation and lymphatic function of the skin.

Try to have a facial treatment of acne treatment Singapore monthly since the skin cells have a lifetime of one month so after that time they need a little maintenance. Be gentle with yourself and your skin because it has to last a lifetime. One of the most recommended and necessary beauty routines is the deep skin cleanse. No skin can be perfect if it is not thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned. For very good makeup products that we use or very beautiful that we are, if our skin is not clean inside it will not look good on the outside. The majority of women recognize that they are informed of this and that they know perfectly the importance of skin cleansing, but nevertheless, they do not act in consequence. Or look for alternatives to homemade masks not recommended; or they do not do it as often as they should, or they do not do it directly.

What is the cleaning of the skin?

In acne treatment Singapore we perform a deep skin cleaning consisting of seven steps. So it’s time to relax and put yourself in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing and who will leave you as new.

The first step is to clean the face of possible traces of makeup or impurities. The next step is the exfoliation or peeling, in which with great care and care we remove the deepest impurities of your skin. Next, we carry out the third step, which involves applying ozone vapour to moisten the skin, soften it, and open the pores and black spots. The next step, the fourth, is to extract the black dots. This work is carried out with great delicacy, pressing with the tips of your fingers (not your nails, as you probably do at home), so that you do not leave marks on the skin.

Then, in the fifth step, high frequency is applied to close the pores, cauterize and oxygenate the skin. The facial massage is the sixth step and consists of massaging the face, neck and décolleté to tone and put the skin to the point. And, finally, we apply a suitable mask to each type of skin in the seventh step. This is a deep skin cleansing. Any cleaning that does not consist of these seven steps is superficial and incomplete that will not give you, therefore, the results you so desire.

Moments to be cleansed at Acne treatment Singapore:

In general, women who are not given to cleanse their skin resort to it at specific moments, that is, on special occasions when they want to look prettier and show off the perfect skin. That is, for weddings, baptisms, and communions …There is also the belief that having a skin cleanse at the beginning of each new season is sufficient. And that is a mistake. It is true that with each seasonal change the skin suffers and that cleaning it is more than convenient, but that does not mean that we should only do a cleaning every four months. We at acne treatment Singapore offer more than anything because the skin does not resist so long without being purified in good conditions.

For that reason, it is advisable to do a skin cleanse when, looking at the mirror (preferably magnifying), you see that you have too many pores and black spots, in addition to when you feel that your skin has lost softness, smoothness and brightness. That is when you see your skin turned off, dry or excessively oily.


Having a face like that of Hollywood actresses is possible if the proper hygiene and beauty routines are carried out and if excellent products are used. But, above all, a film face can be achieved if you have the support of a trusted professional who knows how to recommend what is best for you because you know your skin and its needs.