Asian fashion is constantly being renewed, and this year is no exception because more than ever it is still a trend that is characterized by being a creative and youthful style. This is because the modern oriental woman sets the standard by using fashion as a vehicle to show her identity and style.

When seeing Asian celebrities, you might think that this form of expression opts for sensuality, but unlike western fashion, oriental outfits seek to highlight femininity in a more reserved way.

The two faces of Asian fashion

There are two aspects that guide the dress style of modern Asian girls, on the one hand, there is the Korean woman who is distinguished by a stylish and elegant personality; while the Japanese are characterized by being creative and irreverent.

Korean style

Korean fashion is characterized by taking care of beauty and style with casual outfits, as well as comfortable ones that allow you to show your youthful side. They are not afraid of overlapping pieces and making original combinations.

Street style

Asian fashion How to adopt

The urban woman uses wide sweatshirts, thick pants, and denim or corduroy jackets, combining it with boots,  sneakers, or converse. They close the look with caps or hats and delicate accessories. Emphasis is placed on comfort and detached clothing with sporty undertones.

Pastel colors are replaced by strong tones such as red, black, and royal blue. It is common for the pieces to be combined with floral prints to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

Girly Style

This Asian fashion style suits distinguished and more conservative women. There is a predominance of skirts, as well as dresses of delicate fabrics in pastel colors, combined with floral or animal prints. It is very important to use accessories, such as hats and berets, that give the combination a unique air.

They usually wear high heels or sneakers, but they can also be combined with boots or chunky shoes to give a rocker touch to the style.

Makeup and hair

Skincare and hair are a priority, it is well known in Korean countless products and homemade masks that apply to shine shiny hair and porcelain skin.

The makeup is usually natural and fresh, they leave the skin white, enhance the lips and cheeks with pink tones. The hair is loose or in carefree braids, which add a delicate touch to any outfit.

Japanese style

In Japan, fashion has no rules, the women of this country give free rein to their imagination with the most bizarre combinations, from animal pajamas with sneakers to doll dresses with colored wigs.


The women who belong to this subculture mix urban style with the Baroque era, they wear short and flared dresses with overloaded details,  tights with high heels. The accessories are usually small headdresses, umbrellas, high patent leather shoes, and wigs.

Oshare Kei

This trend seeks to stay in childhood with electric colors, children’s accessories such as stuffed animals and bows. Women who are adept at this style love games or make creative combinations using wigs that refer to anime or manga series.


This fashion is similar to the  Girly style of Korean culture, feminine outfits are used, mostly short skirts that are combined with overlapping pieces. There are no color limitations here. The hair is dyed with colors and the makeup is well defined.

Makeup and hair

Just as the outfits, the way of makeup, and the hairstyles are also tied to the creativity and irreverence of the wearer. If the hair is natural, it is left loose or with braids, and dyes are usually used in the entire hair or the ends, but the most common is the use of colorful wigs, decorated with bows or crowns.

The characteristic makeup highlights the eyes with black pencil and they are highlighted with false eyelashes; to decorate, glitter with shapes are placed around the eyes. The lips take on reddish tones and are stylized with a characteristic gradient of Asian fashion.

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