The most powerful colors, the hats and the sequins, the mixture of prints, and the aesthetics of the most extreme sport. These are the trends to come.

We have made an in-depth review of the collections that have been presented by the brands that dictate a sentence to know what is taking the rest of the season and what will take next autumn. In this way, we leave you the 2022 style manual ready to go.

Mix Of Prints

During the winter we have seen how the level of prints was increasing. Perhaps it was the way to prepare ourselves for what was to come: the indiscriminate mix of all kinds of prints. In Amiri’s summer collection we see sets that share the same motifs creating looks that attract attention, or sets that mix baroque prints with stripes, or with another tie-dye effect. If you are one of those who want to innovate and dare with everything, this is your trend.

Blazer With T-Shirt

A formula that is not new but that is definitely consolidated in this summer of 2022. It is the perfect way to wear a suit in a more casual way or to give your evening looks a touch between dandy and rogue. If you did not dare to wear a suit, beyond the office or a job interview, this may be the excuse to dare. We like Brioni’s combination, with a jacket and shirt in the same tone and pants in a different color.

It can be the look for a wedding day or for a meeting. The most festive touch is provided by Canali with his neon pink suit and a white t-shirt.

Unexpected Accessories

For some time now we have been seeing how men’s jewelry and costume jewelry is becoming normalized and pearl necklaces or thick link chains are becoming a fundamental part of the masculine style. Jil Sander goes one step further and in his summer collection, he proposes to accompany his retro-style polo shirts with cascading brooches.

Sporty Style Taken To The Extreme

Wearing sportswear in your day-to-day is nothing new. But brands like MSGM are taking it to another level by incorporating hyper-tight t-shirts like cycling overalls or long tights to wear under shorts. During the coming fall, it is Dsquared2 that continues with this aesthetic, building looks that seem to be taken from a route to K2.

XL Suits And Extra Chunky Shoes

This fall it will be time to think big. At least when it comes to fashion and silhouettes. Oversize continues to win the game and the addition of suits in several larger sizes with large shoes seems to be the preferred style formula for some firms such as AMI Paris and Prada. It is the proposal that best suits lovers of the avant-garde and those who presume to always be up to date.

Expand Your Hat Collection

This autumn you will not be worth with the bucket hat and the cap, clear protagonists of previous seasons. Dior Homme’s collection for next fall gives us the runway with well-fitting, lopsided berets, military references, and original prints.

If you’re more of a classic spirit, you’ll like Burberry’s earflap caps with a Sherlock Holmes knit or Brioni’s Gadget-inspect mini-hat.

Whatever your style, what is clear is that this falls you have to have more than one hat and more than two in your wardrobe.

Gingham Checks, The Next Print

We have already seen all kinds of prints go through the men’s wardrobe, from flowers to geometric ones with a retro air. Next fall you will have to add one more: the one with the Vichy paintings. You can do it from head to toe, as Fendi proposes in many of his looks, or for any of your coats to steal the spotlight from your look, as we have seen in Paul Smith.

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