The skinny jeans are extremely acetylation who wear pants almost like a second skin. The fabric is tight and goes down to the ankle.

It has happened more than once that skinny jeans become dangerous for the wearer: if worn for too many hours in a squatting position they block circulation in the calves, creating muscle damage, swelling, or nerve blocks.

The important thing, in this case, is to always choose the right size jeans that are not exaggeratedly tight. The same goes for curvy women. Why should they refuse to wear skinny jeans? Just find the right size and follow these little tricks!

  1. The size

The first point may seem obvious but it is as true for curvy women as it is for thinner girls: the right size is essential.

Unfortunately, we know that for curvy women finding the right size can be very difficult, we know that the shops are not yet curvy friendly, so prefer e-commerce! In addition to having a lot more choice when it comes to models, it is much easier for you to find sizes above 46.

We also know that if a woman is overweight she tends to want to hide her body and therefore buy looser clothes. Remember that buying clothes that are too tight or too loose can only penalize your figure. Highlight your curves and buy a pair of skinny jeans that flatter them.

  1. Room for the high waist

Luckily for all the hipsters have gone out of style and we hope they never come back. The high waist is better because it makes us look more slender and hides any flaws at the level of the hips.

On curvy girls, the high waist contributes, even more, to give the body that beautiful hourglass shape so loved by everyone.

  1. The right colors

Let’s assume that taste is personal and no one is obliged to follow any fashion advice. However, we know that black and dark colors, in general, tend to streamline and harmonize the figure.

Skinny jeans in gray or dark blue will look great on both you and the rest of your wardrobe. In fact, a pair of dark jeans look great with any color.

  1. Don’t be afraid to overlap

Overweight girls often tend not to wear overlapping garments for fear of penalizing their figure.

Over skinny jeans, however, blouses with wool sweaters, blazers, jackets, or anything that falls short combined with a long shirt or blouse will create a beautifully balanced effect on your body.

Also add accessories such as long and flashy necklaces, earrings, flashy bracelets.

  1. Choose the right shoe

Wedges, boots, or amphibians create a look that is too gorgeous and consequently weighs down the whole look. Prefer shoes in neutral and nude colors that will also slim the figure and make you look taller.

In general, avoid shoes that are too showy and “bulky”, prefer shoes with narrow heels and not too flashy patterns.

  1. Pay attention to the choice of tops

As important as the choice of jeans is the choice of the top to match. If the jeans are skinny, the upper part of the outfit must be softer.

Those who love to be comfortable opt for a sweatshirt: especially in the last period they are becoming one of the chicest and loved garments by everyone, also thanks to the designers who have begun to propose them again.

A blouse is another good choice. A peplum top on the other hand is ideal as it further streamlines the figure by highlighting the waistline.

Give a chance to V-neck t-shirts and shirts that will help harmonize the figure. Another trick to make curvy women stand out is to wear a tight, long tank top with a shorter top on top.

  1. Wear what you love

Wear your favorite jeans, always choose what you love and not what forces you or doesn’t make you feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable wearing a certain type of outfit, everyone will notice it right away!

So always be natural and wear only what you really want to wear. Do you prefer colored skinny jeans instead of dark ones? Then choose some colored skinny jeans and wear them showing everyone how confident you are!

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