The French Women are known for their unique style and high-class fashion. Paris, the fashion capital of the world is located in France. Naturally, the women in the country dress up better than anyone else in the world. If you are intrigued to know how the French women look their elegant best at all times, you are not alone who are trying to find an answer to that question so here we bring a few fashion tips that you can steal from the French women to look gorgeous.

  1. Create your own signature look and stay away from the trends

The fashion pundits would tell you to follow the latest trend to be able to look chic but if you ask any French woman you would know that following trends is not their cup of tea. The French fashionista’s never caring about the latest fashion trend; they simply dress up to feel comfortable; they choose clothes that make them look pretty and flattering. The Parisian women follow one basic rule, which is they don’t follow any fashion rule; they create their own signature looks and they stick to it. So if you are looking to buy new clothes, don’t blindly follow the fashion fad, stick to what you like the best. For this Diwali implement this rule and you would realize it makes shopping a lot easier. Don’t forget to check the offers like discounts and cashback offers at the online stores and save valuable money on your purchase.

  1. Get the bed head look

Have you ever noticed how French women always have their hair perfect; the seldom look fussy. Most French women tend to leave their hair down and it barely seems brushed, yet, they carry off the look in an elegant way and look sexy. You too can get that perfect looks by using a surf spray, which will give the perfect wind-blown looks to your hair. You can even try your luck by not styling your hair and go with the out of bed looks; if the French women can carry that look with élan, you too can do it.

  1. Get a Breton Striped Shirt

A Breton striped shirt is a staple in any French Woman’s wardrobe, you can even call it a French stereotype but the cliché is in a good way. With a Breton striped shirt, you can barely go wrong with your fashion sense and the best part is you can pair it with your favorite pair of jeans to look effortlessly cool. The shirt could be a great buy this season with the winter just starting to set in.

  1. Get the right fit

The French women like to wear clothes that flatter their body irrespective of the trends. So, step one, buy clothes that fit your body perfectly, and step two make sure that you find a great designer or a tailor who could ensure that everything in your closet fits you to the T, right from your LDB to the business suit.

  1. Keep it Neutral

For most French women their idea of looking fashionable is to stick to the neutral palette of white, beige-brown, black, and a bit of pop up color with the accessories. You too can try this simple yet effective trick to look fashionable and sexy.