2017 was an intense year in which everything has happened, including the launch of very rare inventions, like the ones we show you below.

The transparent boots

transparent boots

These boots were introduced in March that garnered fans and detractors alike. The fashionistas and many celebrities received them happy but the general public, hmmm.

The dirty $ 425 jeans

dirty 425USD jeans

At some point in 2017, it became fashionable to wear dirty jeans; so it was that a brand that took the lead and began to sell them factory muddy. If the public thought that dirty was equal to cheap, they were wrong from here to the quagmire, since the sale price of Nordstrom jeans was 425 dollars !!!. Obviously, social media exploded:  “Who goes out and buys some nearly $ 500 fake mud pants at Nordstrom when you can get cheaper ones and drag ’em around?”,  “My grandchildren make real dirty pants for free… These fake ones are for those with more money than common sense” and “Nordstrom has put up for sale a pair of jeans that appear to have been worn by someone doing dirty work … sold to people who don’t “, are some of the comments read on Twitter

Nail spinners

Nail spinners

The fidget spinner phenomenon continues and arrived in the world of nails, with miniature designs spinning for real.

Some users said it is a great way to reduce stress.

The designs have been shared via the hashtag #fidgetspinnernails and were created by blogger Natasha Lee to connect with her three autistic children.

Mermaid Churro, the favorite dessert of Instagram

Mermaid Churro

The Loop is a Californian dessert restaurant that made Mermaid Churros all the rage.

These are handmade churros, covered by a  glazed blueberry topping that gives them the blue color, characteristic of these creatures and what they call “mermaid shine” which is nothing more than sparkling sugar.

The Mermaid Churros are served alone or over a glass of ice cream to which chocolate pearls and a homemade chocolate mermaid tail are added, giving it the special touch of this marine creature.