If you are in a large group of short women, you will have already had one or another little problem when dressing. Since there are clothes, which on the mannequin look fantastic, but on small women of stature, they lose their charm. Therefore, before buying something, it is important to take into account some factors such as the shape, size, and color of the garment you want to choose.

Cool Girl has made this note especially dedicated to those women under 1.60 m tall. So that, when choosing the next outfit, do not have losses.

So you will no longer have to suffer; take a look at these fashion tips and apply them. But first, remember that the most valuable thing to look great is your attitude.

Dress in monochrome colors

Wearing a single color from head to toe will make you look less short. All colors work, but preferably choose more neutral colors such as black or blue.

On the contrary, if you decide to dress in many colors, this will create an appearance of small blocks, one on top of the other.

Dare with the mini skirts

Don’t be afraid to use them. The small skirts will stylize your legs, which will generate that you gain visual height.

There are many styles and colors, you can choose any of them. The main thing is that you look comfortable and beautiful.

Wear heels and dazzle

It is obvious that heels help the short ones not look so short. From small studs to the most pronounced, these will always save you. If you are not used to having them on, the solution is to get yourself some platform shoes. Now, these are everywhere.

Wear pants at the waist

Thank you that these pants are back in fashion. This garment will make your legs look much longer.

Not only the pants but also the shorts and skirts at that height give you a good bearing.

Now that you know this, forget about the hip pants.

Beware of loose clothing

The intention is that you look slimmer; loose clothing does the opposite. So avoid them; Above all, avoid pants of this style at all costs.

If you have no other option than to use this garment model, do it only in one. That is, if you wear loose pants, the polo shirt should be closer to your body.

Choose to wear thin belts

If you want to add a strap or belt to your outfit, it is best to choose a very thin one. Wearing a wide strap can create the illusion that your body is getting smaller. And obviously, we don’t want that.

Use vertical lines

Long vertical lines can create an effect that will make you look taller. Dresses with lines are perfect.

This summer you can find these dresses in all markets and department stores. So buy yourself one right now.

Dare with the cleavage

It doesn’t need to be too pronounced, a simple V-shaped or U-shaped opening will help make your torso look long.

If you are a bit shy and are not used to these necklines, a chain helps make it look more subtle.

Use small wallets

Perhaps in the larger wallets, they reach much more things, but these types of bags do not help at all when your intention is not to see your little

What you have to do is opt for smaller and more delicate models.

Take a spin in the kid’s section

That’s right, you don’t lose anything by going through the girl’s section. There are very modern clothes that can be excellent.

Choose clothes that adults could also wear. And why not, buying a polo shirt with a cartoon will be fun.

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